Phonon  4.7.0
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Phonon::PulseSupport Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Phonon::PulseSupport:

Public Slots

void connectToDaemon ()


void objectDescriptionChanged (ObjectDescriptionType)

Public Member Functions

bool isActive ()
void enable (bool enabled=true)
QList< int > objectDescriptionIndexes (ObjectDescriptionType type) const
QHash< QByteArray, QVariant > objectDescriptionProperties (ObjectDescriptionType type, int index) const
QList< int > objectIndexesByCategory (ObjectDescriptionType type, Category category) const
QList< int > objectIndexesByCategory (ObjectDescriptionType type, CaptureCategory category) const
void setOutputDevicePriorityForCategory (Category category, QList< int > order)
void setCaptureDevicePriorityForCategory (CaptureCategory category, QList< int > order)
PHONON_DEPRECATED void setCaptureDevicePriorityForCategory (Category category, QList< int > order)
PulseStream * registerOutputStream (QString streamUuid, Category category)
PulseStream * registerCaptureStream (QString streamUuid, CaptureCategory category)
PHONON_DEPRECATED PulseStream * registerCaptureStream (QString streamUuid, Category category)
QHash< QString, QString > streamProperties (QString streamUuid) const
void setupStreamEnvironment (QString streamUuid)
void emitObjectDescriptionChanged (ObjectDescriptionType)
bool setOutputName (QString streamUuid, QString name)
bool setOutputDevice (QString streamUuid, int device)
bool setOutputVolume (QString streamUuid, qreal volume)
bool setOutputMute (QString streamUuid, bool mute)
bool setCaptureDevice (QString streamUuid, int device)
void clearStreamCache (QString streamUuid)

Static Public Member Functions

static PulseSupportgetInstance ()
static void shutdown ()
static void debug ()

Member Function Documentation

void Phonon::PulseSupport::setupStreamEnvironment ( QString  streamUuid)

Sets PulseAudio override properties in the process' envrionment. Manually setting the properties on a per-stream basis is preferred as envrionment overrides are subject to race conditions when creating more than one stream around the same time.

streamUuidthe AudioOutputs' stream UUID set by the frontend through AudioOutputInterface47::setStreamUuid
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QHash< QString, QString > Phonon::PulseSupport::streamProperties ( QString  streamUuid) const

Whenever possible this function should be used to get Phonon specific PulseAudio stream properties and set them on specific streams. When precisely setting them per stream is not possible the envrionment setup function PulseSupport::setupStreamEnvironment should be called as close to stream creation as possible. The more time passes between setup and stream creation the more likely race conditions between setup of more than one AudioOutput will appear.

streamUuidthe AudioOutputs' stream UUID set by the frontend through AudioOutputInterface47::setStreamUuid
a hash of all properties set by setupStreamEnvironment
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