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Debian Screencast Challenge
30th October 2012

Today in #debian-mentors, a brief discussion about screencasts came up. Some people felt that a series of short screencasts might be a nice addition to the existing Debian Developer documentation. After seeing the popularity of of Ubuntu's various video series over the years, I tend to agree that video documentation can be a nice way to supplement traditional text-based documentation. No, this is not designed to replace the existing documentation; it is merely designed to provide an alternative method for people to learn the material.

From past experience, I know that if I were to start making screencasts by myself, I would end up making one or two before getting bored and moving on to a new project. That is why I am posing a challenge to the Debian community: I will make one screencast for every screencast made by someone in the Debian community. These screencasts can and should be short (only a couple of minutes in length) and focus on accomplishing one small task or explaining a single concept related to Debian Development. I discovered a Debian Screencasts page on the Debian wiki that links to Ubuntu's guide to creating screencasts. While I have done some traditional documentation work in the past, I have never really tried doing screencasts. As a result, this will be a bit of a learning experience for me at first.

If you are interested in taking me up on this challenge, simply send me an email (nhandler [at] ubuntu [dot] com) or poke me on IRC (nhandler@{freenode,oftc}). This will allow us to coordinate and plan the screencasts. As I mentioned earlier, I have no experience creating screencasts, so if you are familar with the Debian Development processes and think this challenge sounds interesting, feel free to contact me.

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