1/10 - Watching TV

2/10 - Program Info

3/10 - Launcher

4/10 - Alt Launcher

5/10 - Dash

6/10 - Dash w/ Filter

7/10 - Dash w/ Search

8/10 - Shotwell

9/10 - YouTube

10/10 - Media Explorer
Watching TV
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When watching TV, all interface items are hidden.

Program Info
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Pressing the "context menu" button shows the top panel, as well as the progress bar for the program being shown. After a delay without remote activity, these items will automatically hide again.

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Pressing the logo button on the remote reveals the launcher and top panel. The up and down arrows on the remote change the selected launcher item. Pressing OK acts like a mouse click on the selected launcher item. After a delay without remote activity, the launcher and top panel will automatically hide again.

Alt Launcher
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Alternate launcher design that uses a collection of Unity Lenses instead of applications. In this design, we hide the notion of a "Movie App" or "Music App", and the user instead selects the media they want, which will open in the appropriate app.

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Double-pressing the logo button brings you to the Dash. The arrow buttons navigate the selection through the dash items. Pressing OK clicks the currently highlighted item.

Dash w/ Filter
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Pressing the "context menu" button on the remote, while in the Dash, enables the Filtering. The arrow buttons are used to navigate through the filter options. Pressing OK activates the currently selected filter value.  Press the "context menu" button again to collapse the filtering and return arrow-key focus to the application launchers.

Dash w/ Search
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Pressing the Search buttons brings up the on-screen keyboard and puts keyboard forcus on the search entry.  The arrow keys on the remote navigate the keyboard. Pressing OK types the selected key. Pressing the Search button again closes the on-screen keyboard and returns arrow key navigation to the application launchers.

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Apps capable of being maximized default to fullscreen.  The Tab/Last button moves keyboard focus between GTK widgets like the tab key on the keyboard does, then navigate through the tree list or the photo grid using the arrow buttons.

Supporting desktop apps like this will probably require a modified set of GTK themes to improve their appearance and readability at 10 feet.

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http://youtube.com/leanback is a 10' display webapp from YouTube.  Having a TV platform that supports things like this will be spur the creation of more such webapps.

The up and down remote arrows navigate the left-side list, the left and right arrows navigate the video browser on the right-side.  Pressing OK chooses the highlighted video and starts playing it.

Media Explorer
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http://media-explorer.org/ is a media center application built on Gnome technologies.