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How to…

Install a new sound theme

A sound theme comes in an archive file. We just need to extract it to your sounds folder. To do that in Ubuntu, open the download file in the archive manager. Now choose Extract, and click the Edit button to type a file name. Type ~/.local/share/sounds and press Enter. At this point, you can enable your new sound theme. Just open Sound Preferences and look for it under the Sound Effects tab.

Submit a sound theme

Right now, we are managing submissions manually. Please send a message to [TODO: email!] containing the following:

  • A link to your theme in a .tar.gz archive.
  • Your theme's name, short description and website (if available).
  • The name of your theme's license, for example “Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike.”
  • Up to eight sound samples, in either .ogg or .wav format and not exceeding 150kB in total.

Please do not attach files directly to the message. Instead, upload them to a hosting service and provide us with the links.

We are very particular about packaging. All themes should follow the FreeDesktop Sound Theme Specification. This means you should include a complete index.theme file and your sounds should be named accordingly. You can use any of the themes on this site as a reference. Your archive should have one folder at its root with your index.theme file, any readmes or license files and the rest of your theme inside that. This way, people can extract your theme directly to their sounds folder by following our directions.

Thanks for helping to grow our collection. We will get back to you as soon as we can.