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Original By Chris Coyier, based upon lots of smart stuff by Remy Sharp,
significantly improved by Douglas Neiner




Default Options

See the documentation for complete description of these options (appearance, navigation, slideshow, callbacks & events, interativity & misc).

$('#slider1, #slider2').anythingSlider({
  // Appearance
  width               : null,      // Override the default CSS width
  height              : null,      // Override the default CSS height
  resizeContents      : true,      // If true, solitary images/objects in the panel will expand to fit the viewport
  tooltipClass        : 'tooltip', // Class added to navigation & start/stop button (text copied to title if it is hidden by a negative text indent)
  theme               : 'default', // Theme name
  themeDirectory      : 'css/theme-{themeName}.css', // Theme directory & filename {themeName} is replaced by the theme value above

  // Navigation
  startPanel          : 1,         // This sets the initial panel
  hashTags            : true,      // Should links change the hashtag in the URL?
  enableKeyboard      : true,      // if false, keyboard arrow keys will not work for the current panel.
  buildArrows         : true,      // If true, builds the forwards and backwards buttons
  toggleArrows        : false,     // if true, side navigation arrows will slide out on hovering & hide @ other times
  buildNavigation     : true,      // If true, builds a list of anchor links to link to each panel
  enableNavigation    : true,      // if false, navigation links will still be visible, but not clickable.
  toggleControls      : false,     // if true, slide in controls (navigation + play/stop button) on hover and slide change, hide @ other times
  appendControlsTo    : null,      // A HTML element (jQuery Object, selector or HTMLNode) to which the controls will be appended if not null
  navigationFormatter : null,      // Details at the top of the file on this use (advanced use)
  forwardText         : "»", // Link text used to move the slider forward (hidden by CSS, replaced with arrow image)
  backText            : "«", // Link text used to move the slider back (hidden by CSS, replace with arrow image)

  // Slideshow options
  enablePlay          : true,      // if false, the play/stop button will still be visible, but not clickable.
  autoPlay            : true,      // This turns off the entire slideshow FUNCTIONALY, not just if it starts running or not
  startStopped        : false,     // If autoPlay is on, this can force it to start stopped
  pauseOnHover        : true,      // If true & the slideshow is active, the slideshow will pause on hover
  resumeOnVideoEnd    : true,      // If true & the slideshow is active & a youtube video is playing, the autoplay will pause until the video completes
  stopAtEnd           : false,     // If true & the slideshow is active, the slideshow will stop on the last page
  playRtl             : false,     // If true, the slideshow will move right-to-left
  startText           : "Start",   // Start button text
  stopText            : "Stop",    // Stop button text
  delay               : 3000,      // How long between slideshow transitions in AutoPlay mode (in milliseconds)
  animationTime       : 600,       // How long the slideshow transition takes (in milliseconds)
  easing              : "swing",   // Anything other than "linear" or "swing" requires the easing plugin

  // Callbacks
  onBeforeInitialize  : null,      // Callback before the plugin initializes
  onInitialized       : null,      // Callback when the plugin finished initializing
  onShowStart         : null,      // Callback on slideshow start
  onShowStop          : null,      // Callback after slideshow stops
  onShowPause         : null,      // Callback when slideshow pauses
  onShowUnpause       : null,      // Callback when slideshow unpauses - may not trigger properly if user clicks on any controls
  onSlideInit         : null,      // Callback when slide initiates, before control animation
  onSlideBegin        : null,      // Callback before slide animates
  onSlideComplete     : null,      // Callback when slide completes

  // Interactivity
  clickArrows         : "click",         // Event used to activate arrow functionality (e.g. "click" or "mouseenter")
  clickControls       : "click focusin", // Events used to activate navigation control functionality
  clickSlideshow      : "click",         // Event used to activate slideshow play/stop button

  // Misc options
  addWmodeToObject    : "opaque", // If there is an embedded object & swfobject.js is active, the script will automatically add this wmode parameter
  maxOverallWidth     : 32766     // Max width (in pixels) of combined sliders (side-to-side); set to 32766 to prevent problems with Opera




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Version 1.5.4