1/7 - Watching TV

2/7 - Launcher

3/7 - Lens

4/7 - application windows

5/7 - Indicators

6/7 - Notifications

7/7 - Remote
Watching TV
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This is the base frame on which to design the Unity TV interface. The image size is exactly 480x270 which is a quarter of the target resolution of full HD 1920x1080. To create other pages, you can copy and paste the contents of this page onto a new page, you can lock the screen to the page if you don't want to accidentally move it. The top left coordinates of the TV frame are at 50,50 if these line up on all pages of your deck it will look better as you flip pages. The coordinates of the on screen image are 60,60 to 540,330

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the launcher comes out from the left edge of the screen when called for on a remote, there is a progress bar at the top, where the top panel is on the desktop unity.

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the lens pops out from the big friendly button it has groups of icons on it and the groups can be expanded. The icons might represent different TV shows, the groups might be genres, or perhaps series with the icons as episodes of a series

application windows
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we probably don't want to do this. Application windows should be attached to the launcher/dash/lens areas and translucently overlayed, or should be fullscreen. It isn't a WIMP desktop.

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There could be some persistent information on screen, in the indicator area

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Notifications could happen for things, but they would have to be rather important things to be worthy of popping up over the screen.

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So what would our remote control look like? Would it be conventional buttony thing, or a touchscreen phone/tablet?