Actions from UDS-R

This is a raw, unformatted, ugly dump of every line from every summary pad page relating to a UDS session that contains something in square brackets that looks like it might be an action item. These actions are linked to the people they are assigned to if it is a valid launchpad name, otherwise they are 404 errors. The pad they came from is also linked - as of a scrape of all pads done just after the last session ended. All pad text pages including those with no actions (or things in square brackets) can be found here. This data will be processed further and better by other people, this is quick and dirty.

uds-r-appdev-r-api-website-latest.txt:[ajmitch] Talk to AskUbuntu moderators about linking and tagging: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-api-website-latest.txt:[mhall119] Change spec to make searching language-specific
uds-r-appdev-r-api-website-latest.txt:[mhall119] Change spec to include support models in search results
uds-r-appdev-r-api-website-latest.txt:[mhall119] Create juju charm
uds-r-appdev-r-api-website-latest.txt:[doctormo] Knock out merge proposal for templates: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-recipes-growth-latest.txt:[dpm] Update tutorial guidelines to allow videos: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-recipes-growth-latest.txt:[ajmitch] Investigate inserting pages into wordpress after rendering pages from markdown: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-recipes-growth-latest.txt:[dpm] Talk to IS about the Ubuntu SSO plugin
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-recipes-growth-latest.txt:[dpm] Fix the 404 on the "Adding gesture support to your app"
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-recipes-growth-latest.txt:[dpm] Write the app recipe contest guidelines
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-recipes-growth-latest.txt:[dpm] Figure out the prizes for the contest
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-recipes-growth-latest.txt:[dpm] Find out judges for the contest
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-site-snippets-section-latest.txt:[] Install and test a instance
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-site-snippets-section-latest.txt:[] Review the code of to assess whether it generic enough to be used in
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-site-snippets-section-latest.txt:[] Develop a CSS theme for on
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-site-snippets-section-latest.txt:[] Deploy on
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-site-videos-section-latest.txt:[mhall119] Randomly update videos
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-site-videos-section-latest.txt:[dpm] Prepare a mockup for the videos section (contact other interested community members)
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-site-videos-section-latest.txt:[dpm] Create the videos page
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-site-videos-section-latest.txt:[dpm] Collect existing videos on the site
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-site-videos-section-latest.txt:[dpm] Put out a call for community-contributed videos
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-site-videos-section-latest.txt:[mhall119] Find an icon to use when linking to videos
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-site-videos-section-latest.txt:[mhall119] Research ways to display videos on other pages (custom code, Wordpress plugin, etc)
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Write documentation with best practices for on air presenters: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[dpm] Decide the UADW dates and set them up on the On Air calendar: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[dpm] Update the Ubuntu App Developer Week wiki page: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[dpm] Set up Ubuntu App Developer Week timetable and the hosts shifts: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[dpm] Set up a list of suggested topics for Ubuntu App Developer Week: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[dpm] Find speakers for each topic during UADW: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Find speakers for each topic during UADW: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[bhavi] Suggest a list of topics for UADW: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[dpm] Publish an announcement for UADW (The Fridge, d.u.c): TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Send the Ubuntu Open Week e-mail template to David, to use as a basis for the UADW reminder: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[dpm] Send an e-mail to all speakers with instructions (2 weeks before the UADW start): TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[dpm] Send an e-mail to all speakers with instructions (1 weeks before the UADW start): TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Check with the classroom team if we can include UADW in the classroom calendar: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-developer-week-on-air-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Publish the UADW announcement on the classroom blog: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[mhall119] Replace - with _ when used in package namespacing: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[dpm] Remove references to file conflict checking: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[dpm] Update mockups to remove the use of PPAs and Tarballs for uploads: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[dpm] Ensure there is a link in the spec to the current developer agreement at
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[allison] Double-check the current developer agreement at
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[] if proceed with allowing physical verification without pay, have number of people who verify the identity to be greater than 1 (maybe 3+ ?): TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[mhall119] Clarify that new versions of an app go through the same automated review process: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[jdstrand] (re)review language surrounding 'PACKAGE RESTRICTIONS': TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[dpm] Cleanup upload section references to pkgme uploading
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[dpm] Change copy interval from PPA to Extras to be on every publisher run
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[ajmitch] Re-evaluate when to open the extras archive (instead of Beta): TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[persia] Provide information on what product managers agree on for milestones
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[mhall119] Follow up on Visibility text in USC and how to define which apps to include
uds-r-appdev-r-app-upload-process-feedback-latest.txt:[dpm] Send an update to ubuntu-devel as soon as the first batch of changes are implemented
uds-r-appdev-r-arb-review-latest.txt:[allison] Draft a new App Review Board process proposal based on the technical review + compliance review model and submit it to the Technical Board and ubuntu-devel
uds-r-appdev-r-arb-review-latest.txt:[bhavi] Publicize the process changes and ask Ubuntu developers to review any old apps as first step
uds-r-appdev-r-arb-review-latest.txt:[dpm] Investigate best way of having myapps handle first reviews from any ubuntu developers (eg putting ubuntu-devel into arb-contributors team)
uds-r-appdev-r-arb-review-latest.txt:[ajmitch] Look at license-checking tools that are available besides licensecheck
uds-r-appdev-r-arb-review-latest.txt:[ajmitch] Investigate automated quality tests (eg autopkg test for starting the app without crash)
uds-r-appdev-r-arb-review-latest.txt:[dpm] File a bug on MyApps to resort the ARB queue (persia had a good suggestion of how to sort); make a tool to resort ourselves if they won't
uds-r-appdev-r-arb-review-latest.txt:[ajmitch] Alternative queue view
uds-r-appdev-r-arb-review-latest.txt:[ajmitch] Investigate tooling to rerun tests on apps for next release, warn developers if new failure, forward-copy if otherwise
uds-r-appdev-r-askubuntu-app-developer-site-plugin-latest.txt:[marcoceppi] Find someone to help create the RSS plugin for the app devel portal
uds-r-appdev-r-askubuntu-app-developer-site-plugin-latest.txt:[marcoceppi] Future proof the RSS Plugin to potentially use the askubuntu API
uds-r-appdev-r-askubuntu-app-developer-site-plugin-latest.txt:[marcoceppi] WordPress charm fork for deploying dev version of portal
uds-r-appdev-r-askubuntu-app-developer-site-plugin-latest.txt:[jorge] Find out who in Canonical to talk to Stack Exchange about trademark issues with the styling of the AU widget on d.u.c.
uds-r-appdev-r-askubuntu-app-developer-site-plugin-latest.txt:[dpm] Talk to the Canonical web design about how to design the widget on to the d.u.c. site
uds-r-appdev-r-askubuntu-app-developer-site-plugin-latest.txt:[dpm] File a request to deploy the RSS plugin on d.u.c
uds-r-appdev-r-askubuntu-app-developer-site-plugin-latest.txt:[dpm] Fix AskUbuntu to be "Ask Ubuntu" on the community section of d.u.c
uds-r-appdev-r-quickly-plans-latest.txt:[mhall119] Recruit community hackers to help with the reboot: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-quickly-plans-latest.txt:[mhall119] Document the internals of the rebooted code for contributors: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-quickly-plans-latest.txt:[mterry] Fix existing in-template tests: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-quickly-plans-latest.txt:[mhall119] Finish quickly.core (with community help): TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-quickly-plans-latest.txt:[mhall119] Create new series on lp:quickly: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-quickly-plans-latest.txt:[nskaggs] Help mhall setup automated testing process: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-quickly-plans-latest.txt:[mhall119] Follow up with racarr about webapps template: TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-quickly-plans-latest.txt:[mhall119] Fix gettext use (use named variables): TODO
uds-r-appdev-r-sdk-criteria-latest.txt:[dpm] Define a set of technologies to be assessed for an Ubuntu SDK
uds-r-appdev-r-sdk-criteria-latest.txt:[dpm] Talk with bzoltan to identify any existing SDK assessment criteria that has been done recently and that can be reused for the current discussion
uds-r-appdev-r-sdk-criteria-latest.txt:[dpm] Create a document that defines the criteria to assess the technologies an Ubuntu SDK should recommend and what it should include
uds-r-appdev-r-sdk-criteria-latest.txt:[stefano-palazzo] Research the bindings the libraries we are recommending support
uds-r-archive-maintenance-software-hacking-latest.txt:ACTION [wendar]: Contributing work item: make update_excuses report authenticator of last upload, rather than content of the Maintainer field
uds-r-archive-maintenance-software-hacking-latest.txt:ACTION [stefanor]: fix madison-lite to be faster, perhaps first by pipelinin caching, or similar effort.
uds-r-arm-power-measurement-latest.txt: * [sconklin] further investigate the user-space component that is doing some of the power control
uds-r-arm-power-measurement-latest.txt: * [sconklin] get slides to mfisch
uds-r-arm-power-measurement-latest.txt: * [ara] get data from ARM power blueprint/slides/notes into Nexus7 wiki
uds-r-arm-power-measurement-latest.txt: * [cking] analyse the results from the battery (it may be that even thought the actual numbers are not accurate, if they are consistly repeatable, that may be enough to detect regressions)
uds-r-arm-power-measurement-latest.txt: * [sconklin] find datasheets on this device (maybe not possible)
uds-r-arm-power-measurement-latest.txt: * [pgraner] power draw automated testing?
uds-r-arm-power-measurement-latest.txt: * [sconklin] investigate ARM energy probe
uds-r-arm-power-measurement-latest.txt: * [sforshee] invesigate power tutor, see what APIs it uses and see if it's portable onto Nexus7 (please send notes to mfisch when done)
uds-r-cert-r-13-04-coverage-latest.txt: * [xnox] UEFI CD boot, if available
uds-r-cert-r-13-04-coverage-latest.txt: * [xnox] UEFI usb/hdd boot, if available
uds-r-cert-r-13-04-coverage-latest.txt: * [xnox] SecureBoot UEFI boot, if available
uds-r-cert-r-13-04-coverage-latest.txt: * [Pierre Carrier] Plug in or unplug external screen while system is hibernated/suspended, ensure it resumes correctly. (docking stations too if possible)
uds-r-cert-r-13-04-coverage-latest.txt:- [hwcert] Collect statistics on % of systems that pass/fail each greylist test, and correlation with its certified status (so we know how the amount of certified systems would change as each greylist item changes)
uds-r-cert-r-13-04-coverage-latest.txt:- [hwcert] to ask diwic how they enable displayport audio, so our test aligns with enablement work (passive, active modes)
uds-r-cert-r-13-04-coverage-latest.txt:- [hwcert] to discuss with diwic about audio after suspend, what's a sensible behavior. Use case: when system is suspended, speakers should be muted and audio source paused, so it doesn't blast limp bizkit when it comes back. I disagree that the audio should be muted, as that's changing state of something a user may expect. Still, to discuss with diwic. (Desktop experience should be diverted to desktop team / Ubuntu Engineering)
uds-r-cert-r-13-04-coverage-latest.txt:- [hwcert] to discuss with vanhoof about how leds are enabled and which ones absolitely need to work.
uds-r-cert-r-13-04-coverage-latest.txt:- [hwcert] to change phrasing to not talk about BIOS, since systems may have UEFI. Should say something like 'default boot option (either BIOS or UEFI)
uds-r-cert-r-13-04-server-coverage-latest.txt:[] Stress network ~ 5-10 hours (incoming and/or outgoing packets)
uds-r-cert-r-13-04-server-coverage-latest.txt:[] RAID controller, with and without
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-improve-release-process-latest.txt:[] Create a process to automate reporting of changes of whitelists between relaseses and different projects
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-improve-release-process-latest.txt:[] Think more about specifics of the cadence, maybe 1 month
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-improve-release-process-latest.txt:[] Need to add tests to test the tests at the unit level
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-improve-release-process-latest.txt:[] Talk to pitti about hardware mocking
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-improve-release-process-latest.txt:[] Set up some kind of CI tool with build informations so that people can see test results
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-improve-release-process-latest.txt:[] Choose some systems to do bare-metal testing on, exactly which tests TBD
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-improve-release-process-latest.txt:[] Ensure that Checkbox works well with autopilot, so we can automate UI testing
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-improve-release-process-latest.txt:[] Formalize the test cases in
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-improve-release-process-latest.txt:[] Try and target only things that have changed in CE QA whitelists and in general
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-improve-release-process-latest.txt:[] Give the final release testing to CE QA
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-simplification-latest.txt: [jk-ozlabs] define some goal use-cases, add here: DONE
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-simplification-latest.txt: [others] as above
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-simplification-latest.txt: [roadmr] overview of a proposed implementation
uds-r-cert-r-checkbox-simplification-latest.txt: [roadmr] propose a followup session to present implementation
uds-r-cert-r-cloud-certification-latest.txt:[] Decide on a reference architecture to baseline this (2 nics required?)
uds-r-cert-r-cloud-certification-latest.txt:[] Discuss the reference architecture for a Cloud certification
uds-r-cert-r-cloud-certification-latest.txt:[] research firmware upgrade requirements & feasibility of making this a {white,grey}list item
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-clients-latest.txt:[mfisch] fix depends and recommends per the ideas section: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-clients-latest.txt:[rafalcieslak256] investigate switching the daemon startup to a .service file: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-clients-latest.txt:[davidc3] Verify copyright files: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-clients-latest.txt:[davidc3] Setup automatic translations for the lens: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-clients-latest.txt:[davidc3] Verify the date of Universe freeze: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-clients-latest.txt:[davidc3] Merge mhall119 lens previews implementation: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-clients-latest.txt:[mhall119] Review packages with didrocks: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-clients-latest.txt:[mhall119] Submit final packages to Universe: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-collection-cleanup-latest.txt: * [rafalcieslak256] add an accomplishment to fix bugs: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-collection-cleanup-latest.txt: * [rafalcieslak256] add an accomplishment to fix 10 bugs: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-collection-cleanup-latest.txt: * [rafalcieslak256] add an accomplishment to fix 100 bugs: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-collection-cleanup-latest.txt: * [rafalcieslak256] Implement additional metadata reflecting level of accomplishment (difficulty/time): TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-collection-cleanup-latest.txt: * [mfisch] Implement in the daemon getting rarity information: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-collection-cleanup-latest.txt: * [mfisch] discuss the lack of mid-level trophies at the next G+ meeting and share&discuss ideas for them: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-collection-cleanup-latest.txt: * [rafalcieslak256] Recreate artwork for icons to reflect trophy's level and share with the team before checkin: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-collection-cleanup-latest.txt: * [] Experiment with the algorithm that determines full tree of what one should accomplish before being able to get an accomplishment + presenting that data in the viewer and share the results with the rest of the team: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-service-latest.txt:[mhall119] Find source for accomplishment admin: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-service-latest.txt:[mhall119] Write deployment instructions for web gallery: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-service-latest.txt:[mhall119] Write deployment instructions for validation server: BLOCKED
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-service-latest.txt:[mhall119] Write deployment instructions for accomplishments admin: BLOCKED
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-service-latest.txt:[mhall119] Create production branch for web gallery: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-service-latest.txt:[mhall119] Create production branch for validation server: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-viewer-latest.txt: * [mhall119] follow-up on the wooden cabinet look for the viewer: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-viewer-latest.txt: * [jonobacon] find resources for working on a webkit version of the viewer: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-viewer-latest.txt: * [mfisch] Write command-line trophy viewer: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-viewer-latest.txt: * [mfisch] discuss hierarchical trophies and repeated action accomplishments with Jono and Rafal: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-viewer-latest.txt: * [doctormo] Experimenting with GtkIconView (efficient background): TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-viewer-latest.txt: * [doctormo] New icon form examples; rosets, ribbons, medals, hats: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-viewer-latest.txt: * [rafalcieslak256] Wiser filtering algotirhm supporting search + a search bar: TODO
uds-r-community-r-accomplishments-viewer-latest.txt: * [jonobacon] Set a deadline for deciding to switch to the a webkit viewer for the 0.4 release or stay with Gtk: TODO
uds-r-community-r-askubuntu-latest.txt:[]: Document different ways to integrate Ask Ubuntu and the data endpoints available
uds-r-community-r-askubuntu-latest.txt:[]: Localization for the Stack Exchange platform
uds-r-community-r-askubuntu-latest.txt:[]: Language tags? Meta post
uds-r-community-r-askubuntu-latest.txt:[]: Research ability to add translation API to new posts
uds-r-community-r-askubuntu-latest.txt:[]: Documentation on tags and how to use tags well!
uds-r-community-r-askubuntu-latest.txt:[]: Document the audataserver interface
uds-r-community-r-askubuntu-latest.txt:[]: Avoid branding Ask Ubuntu as "Launchpad lite"
uds-r-community-r-askubuntu-latest.txt:[]: Meta post covering good Data queries to use for Ask Ubuntu maint
uds-r-community-r-data-mining-latest.txt:[ayrton] ask launchpad if way of doing an auto export if part of daily cron of defects.
uds-r-community-r-data-mining-latest.txt:[arges] investigate implications of publishing data set to the amazon public data set
uds-r-community-r-data-mining-latest.txt:[kate.stewart] add in release manifest data and correlate to bugs
uds-r-community-r-debian-latest.txt: - [cjwatson] Could somebody file a Launchpad bug about this and subscribe ~ubuntu-archive? It seems widespread enough that we should sort through it systematically.
uds-r-community-r-debian-latest.txt: wxwidgets2.8 (has been merged [])
uds-r-community-r-debian-latest.txt: - [cjwatson] This *should* be getting better because our auto-sync script is now much cleverer than it used to and doesn't require sync-blacklist entries for trivial reasons; I cleaned some of the cruft out a cycle or so ago, but it probably needs another extensive sweep. I agree that the shorter this is the better (for Ubuntu as well as for Debian).
uds-r-community-r-debian-latest.txt: [allison] process to add keywords to blueprints and allow people to subscribe to those keywords and be informed
uds-r-community-r-debian-latest.txt: [laney] patch the internal blueprint review process to ensure that before approval, the presence of keywords (or affected packages) is verified
uds-r-community-r-debian-latest.txt: [zack] the review process is open to anyone (thanks paultag)
uds-r-community-r-debian-latest.txt: [laney] can canonical employees as part of patch pilot to do mentors.d.n work?
uds-r-community-r-debian-latest.txt:[stefanor] Investigate missing sha256 checksums from package files in dex
uds-r-community-r-debian-latest.txt:[Debian Derivatives Census infrastructure]: find a place where to track the reason/status of forking/repackaging from scratch, of specific cases
uds-r-community-r-debian-latest.txt:[TODO] add a refererence to (or table from) the Debian mentors list
uds-r-community-r-dev-advisory-team-latest.txt:[bhavi] release 12.10 report.
uds-r-community-r-dev-advisory-team-latest.txt:[broder] start discussion about interaction plan (optimising response rate): TODO
uds-r-community-r-dev-advisory-team-latest.txt:[christophe.sauthier] start discussion about better information sharing between overview and trello board (get people off the list if necessary): TODO
uds-r-community-r-dev-advisory-team-latest.txt:[dholbach] write up a mini-spec for a dat-overview-v2
uds-r-community-r-dev-advisory-team-latest.txt:[dholbach] bring up mini-spec on team mailing list
uds-r-community-r-dev-advisory-team-latest.txt:[dholbach] file bugs to track dat-overview-v2 progress.
uds-r-community-r-dev-advisory-team-latest.txt:[christophe-sauthier] Update template for experienced contributors to prepare them for applying for upload rights.
uds-r-community-r-dev-advisory-team-latest.txt:[dholbach] Upload the code we already put together.
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:How Mozilla helps programmers find things to do: [mpt]
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt: * ?? [needs-packaging] bugs
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[dholbach] Fix docs to explain that it's fine to work on 2-3 bugs and then move on to something more complicated.
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[dholbach] Publish the lintian-ubuntu-only script somewhere.
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[stefanor] Get unsponsored non-debdiff patches into the sponsoring queue. ->
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[dholbach] write code to grab ubuntu-only tasks from lintian list for Havest
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[stefanor] produce Harvest JSON bits for ubuntu-neglected-packages
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[dholbach] file bug on transition tracker (lp:ubuntu-transition-tracker) to produce Harvest JSON output
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[brian-murray] find out if we can have a Harvest bug list for "SRUs which are fixed in dev release already"
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[dholbach] mail/blog about tagging more things as bitesize
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[dholbach] document "bitesize"
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[dholbach] find out how many Harvest tasks were closed - get statistics
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[dholbach] look if it's easily possible to correlate Bugs/Harvest/Uploads data
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-definition-latest.txt:[dholbach] update wiki page with information for how to get in touch
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-publicity-latest.txt:[dholbach] mail DMB and offer access for the @ubuntudev social media accounts
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-publicity-latest.txt:[dholbach] put together team of people who are interested in doing interviews
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-publicity-latest.txt:[dholbach] put together a list of people who contributed to the current release and send a mail out to the list
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-publicity-latest.txt:[dholbach] figure out a way to track demos/interviews/interactions with new folks
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-publicity-latest.txt:[dholbach] call for help with writing dev news
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-publicity-latest.txt:[dholbach] make Harvest graphs public (to track new easy tasks and closed easy tasks)
uds-r-community-r-dev-tasks-publicity-latest.txt:[dholbach] mail ajmitch, bdrung and micahg to get them on dev hangouts
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[dholbach] Find out about annotating videos on youtube
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[dholbach] Find out if we can embed videos in the Packaging Guide
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[doctormo] Art and branding collection for videos
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[philipballew] Set up scheadule for people to use ubuntuonair and make a video
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[dholbach] Blog and ask about video solutions
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[dholbach] Review the documentaition and see if it's suitable as scripts
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[Quintasan] write a script for kde packaging
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[Quintasan] write a script for "introduction to different build systems"
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[dholbach] reach out to ubuntu developers, launchpad developers to find presenters
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[philipballew] assist users when recording video
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[philipballew] write up a set up instructions on recording videos
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[dholbach] test-run Phil's instruction
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[dholbach] reach out to upstream developer of recording software to review instructions
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[dholbach, doctormo, coolbhavi, others] do videos
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[dholbach] talk to novacut people, popey and screencasts team to help with editing
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[dholbach] investigate putting introduction video on
uds-r-community-r-dev-videos-latest.txt:[dholbach] line up new contributors and newly approved ubuntu developers to talk about their experience
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[stgraber] Cleanup cdimage scripts for Edubuntu to have a single project/image
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[stgraber] Document weblive
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[stgraber] Write a proper management interface for weblive to replace ssh between manager and hosts
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[stgraber] Move weblive to static IPs
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[kate.stewart] set up wiki page for needs-packaging bugs: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[jonathan] send kate preliminary list of packages of interest so far from his machine: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[kate.stewart] Do a call for community packagers: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[jonathan] Do a call for community packagers: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[stgraber] nag alkis about epoptes that doesn't run on ARM: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[stgraber] Get some progress information into the langpack installer: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[stgraber] Get langpack installer buttons translated: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[jonathan] prepare dynamic slides for edubuntu-slideshow: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[jonathan] new artwork, check that it looks good on unity 2d, unity 3d and gnome-session-fallback, make sure, check unity-3d launcher colour, make sure it looks good: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[jonathan] document x2go server on LTSP application server if available, include if available or postpone (beta2 or FFe): TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[stgraber] Add support for nbd in NETBOOT= for casper: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[edubuntu-dev] juju charm for moodle (ask marco ceppi perhaps): POSTPONED
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[alkisg] tablet/utouch integration for epoptes: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[stgraber] Change build target for Edubuntu tablet from A10 to Nexus7
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[jonathan] prepare promotional slides for software-center in edubuntu: TODO
uds-r-community-r-edubuntu-latest.txt:[edubuntu-dev] get in touch with ubuntu-manual project, check what ubuntu-doc project is using for new help site, :Oput together strategy for manual, recruit some documenters: TODO
uds-r-community-r-improving-communications-outward-latest.txt:[jcastro] link to OMG feedback:
uds-r-community-r-improving-communications-outward-latest.txt:[rrnwexec] Launchpad team - community only - Ubuntu Evangelism Team
uds-r-community-r-ircops-latest.txt:[jkekkonen] add processing ops application queue task to meeting agenda fixed items
uds-r-community-r-ircops-latest.txt:[ubuntu-ircc] prepare giving factoid edit rights to non-ops
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[dholbach] set up UDW schedule (needs to be finalised end of 2012)
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[dholbach] announce UDW
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[dholbach] run UDW
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[lyz] Link Ubuntu on Air to Classroom wiki and explain the collaboration
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[lyz] Blog post about how IRC Classroom and Hangouts work together
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] reach out to Marianna to confirm dates
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[lyz] reach out Nick Skaggs about UGJ date
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[lyz] announce User Days
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[lyz] run User Days
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[philipballew] assist with user days
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[joseeantonior, phillipballew] Organize and run OpenWeek
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[lyz] contact Nick Skaggs about doing QA events
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[lyz] create wiki page for low-hanging fruit for LoCo teams to do sessions
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Investigate which journalists we can get for sessions like top 10 things, etc.
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[tmt] Recruit someone from IRC team to do IRC Team how-to session
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Follow-up with Jorge and see if they want to do some cloudy stuff for classroom
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Contact Canonical to see if Enterprise Days is a suitable idea
uds-r-community-r-irc-workshops-latest.txt:[ubuntu-classroom] Thorough review of /Classroom wiki pages
uds-r-community-r-juju-charm-growth-latest.txt:[marcoceppi] PHP Frameworks
uds-r-community-r-juju-charm-growth-latest.txt:[marcoceppi] Mediawiki
uds-r-community-r-juju-charm-growth-latest.txt:[marcoceppi] OpenLDAP
uds-r-community-r-juju-charm-growth-latest.txt:[jorge] Talk to Ed @ Inktank for Node.js charmer recommendations
uds-r-community-r-juju-charm-growth-latest.txt:[jorge] Need a easy way to queue up "Things we need charmed", "wanna help" in charmworld link.
uds-r-community-r-juju-charm-growth-latest.txt:[clint-fewbar] a backup subordinate of somekind.
uds-r-community-r-juju-charm-growth-latest.txt:[jorge] Regular checkins with mthaddon on upstreaming IS charm contributions.
uds-r-community-r-juju-charm-growth-latest.txt:[mthaddon] Regular checkins with jorge on upstreaming charm contributions.
uds-r-community-r-juju-charm-growth-latest.txt:[mark-mims] Node handoff
uds-r-community-r-juju-charm-growth-latest.txt:[mark-mims] Rails handoff
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [jorge] "Contribute to this charm!" link in the charm store.
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [jorge] Tell people they can help. There's no mention of how to help on That sucks.
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [jorge] Find out what is up with the juju web page.
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [jorge] charm-tools, we need to talk about it more, make a "Best practices for charms" should be in "write a charm", integrate the mythical best practices page with write a charm.
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [mark-mims] Investigate making charm documentation testable
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [gz] #1069883 Fix bug where defaulting to smallest instance type.
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [marcoceppi] Investigate "stacktacking" the different juju on different providers into the documentation so it doesn't live in a vacuum.
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [clint-fewbar] Fix documentation for LXC in "Getting Started".
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [jjo] "Case Studies" from webops
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [mthaddon] "Case Studies" from webops
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [timrchavez] "Case Studies" from PES
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [jorge] Find some sales dude to sucker into testing the documentation.
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [jorge] Make a juju docs project in lp so people can report bugs, queue and itemize.
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: * [jorge] Make a task for scrub the docs for "ensemble" and other dumb things.
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: [jorge] Way to go, we have over 100 people who contributed charms and you told no one. Nice work.
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: [jorge] Reintate tshirt program for contributors.
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: [jorge] Investigate sending contributors to conferences wrt. charm authors
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt: [jorge] Provider discounts for charmers?
uds-r-community-r-juju-contributor-onramp-2-latest.txt:[jorge] "Pimp my charm" contest. or Xprize? "Scale out HA x service to blah blah with integrated backups."
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[jorge] Work out how to get the word out on Webinars.
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[jorge] Run at least two charm schools on G+, one towards the beginning of the cyle, one towards release.
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[manjo] Investigate linking up with Khan Academy, demos and tutorials and whatnot.
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[jorge] Screencast - Getting started with Juju (setup, deploying)
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[mark-mims] Screencast - General overview (more advanced than Jorge's, so migrations, jitsu)
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[negronjl] Screencast - Mongodb, haproxy.
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[marcoceppi] Screencast - Pick whatever you want, just make one.
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[jimbaker] Screencast - handshaking: the key to service orchestration in Juju
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[mramm] General purpose Juju video (2 minute)
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[clint-fewbar] One Juju screencast - you pick Clint, you missed the session so you get a work item, :)
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[jorge] See if mthaddon can do a few "lessons learned" screencasts/discussion.
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[jorge] REGULAR G+ Hangouts, not one offs.
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[mthaddon] Juju lessons learned screencast.
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[jorge] More integration with AU like we do on
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[jorge] Publish juju charm presentations and material on Ubuntu One for EVERYONE!!! \o/
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[jimbaker] Find information for "How to write a provider" so we can get community involvement. Ping mike-mcclurg wrt. Xen provider. "Intro to juju development", starting with a provider.
uds-r-community-r-juju-training-events-latest.txt:[terryh] Leverage the SALES Channel for charm schools
uds-r-community-r-lubuntu-work-items-latest.txt:[gilir] Mail to L-QA about drop of the alphas and the schedule
uds-r-community-r-lubuntu-work-items-latest.txt:[gilir] Mail to L-QA about CD oversize
uds-r-community-r-lubuntu-work-items-latest.txt:[gilir] Mail to L-QA about keeping alternate
uds-r-community-r-making-community-obvious-on-the-desktop-latest.txt:[christoffer-holmstedt, ana (not lp), pedro (not lp), it-oas (for enterprises) ] Complete on the specification: TODO
uds-r-community-r-making-community-obvious-on-the-desktop-latest.txt:[] Develop use-cases / user-stories / contributer target: TODO
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[popey] fix public list for webapps development discussion
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[bkerensa] to create wiki page, find out timelines, follow up with dholbach on contacts
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[philipballew] Look into FAQ for the media to read and throw it online if needed
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[scottritchie, dholbach] summarise CoC changes
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[dholbach] help get CoC into Launchpad
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[czajkowski] file a bug on ubuntu-website to get new CoC
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[czajkowski] write the announce
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[czajkowski] Find a Canonical website person to talk about the page tomorrow
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[jorge] Followup with forums ticket and IS
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[philipballew] Help to make sure everything gets into the fridge as the single news outlet
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[philipballew] set up ubuntu twitter accounts to tweet news mentoned on fridge and the mailing lists in an effort to get more information out.
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[mhall119] Register a BP for new community WP site
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[mhall119] Coordinate with IS to get a new WP site
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[mhall119] Create new LP project for Community WP site
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[lyz] Lead up drafting spec to outline structure of the site and the core content
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[philipballew, SergioMeneses] contribute to make the community contribute site "friendly" with more informative content
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[doctormo] Artwork, banners, for etc: TODO
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[peterm-ubuntu] Provide CSS usage guidelines to the community
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[peterm-ubuntu] Provide user journey examples to the community
uds-r-community-roundtable-latest.txt:[mhall119] Get desired videos from web team, find community folks to create them
uds-r-community-r-packaging-guide-latest.txt:[dholbach] write announcement
uds-r-community-r-packaging-guide-latest.txt:[dholbach] wiki move
uds-r-community-r-packaging-guide-latest.txt:[dholbach] get Spanish translated packages uploaded, do backport, put on developer.u.c
uds-r-community-r-packaging-guide-latest.txt:[quintasan] get Polish translation done
uds-r-community-r-packaging-guide-latest.txt:[jonathan] extend "submitting new packages for inclusion" section
uds-r-community-r-packaging-guide-latest.txt:[dholbach, josephjamesmills, jonathan] handle bug 890580
uds-r-community-r-packaging-guide-latest.txt:[tiagoscd] finish Brazilian Portuguese translations
uds-r-community-r-packaging-guide-latest.txt:[josephjamesmills] take out the $ LP:996721
uds-r-community-r-sustainable-translations-latest.txt:[kelemengabor] Provide a list of most common i18n problems to check TODO
uds-r-community-r-sustainable-translations-latest.txt:[dpm] Talk with pitti and jibel in QA about how translations/language packs could be tested TODO
uds-r-community-r-sustainable-translations-latest.txt:[] Research whether a Lintian test to check whether an application is correctly translated could be implemented
uds-r-community-r-sustainable-translations-latest.txt:[] Investigate 'elfutils' to find strings and whether there are uses of those strings that are not wrapped in gettext (etc) function: TODO
uds-r-community-r-sustainable-translations-latest.txt:[] investigate where in build farm automatic test could run on all binaries and report results TODO
uds-r-community-r-sustainable-translations-latest.txt:[dpm] Reschedule translations coordinators calls: TODO
uds-r-community-r-sustainable-translations-latest.txt:[dpm] Post a call for UTCs on the mailing list
uds-r-community-r-sustainable-translations-latest.txt:[dpm] Document how to triage and report translations bugs
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[mhall119] Setup communication between community and Unity dev team
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[mhall119] Setup weekly meetings and announce on ML
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[mhall119] Make a new TV development branch based on Unity trunk
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[tgm4883] Define what lenses and scopes will be used
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[bobweaver] Implement TV Launcher
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[bobweaver] Implement TV Dash
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[bobweaver] Implement Program Guide CategoryRenderer
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[bobweaver] Implement TV HUD
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[bobweaver] Implement TV Indicators
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[tgm4883] Define what data needs to be passed between Scopes and Renderers
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[mhall119] Coordinate Unity API changes necessary to support TV
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[s2dar]synchronization with laptop or mobile
uds-r-community-r-tv-development-latest.txt:[popey] Ask about creating regular ISOs from TV PPA and hosting
uds-r-community-r-ubuntuloco-best-practices-latest.txt:[everyone] Join the LoCo mailing list, also should consider joining #ubuntu-locoteams irc-channel
uds-r-community-r-ubuntuloco-best-practices-latest.txt:[rrnwexec] Change the wording that the LoCo Team contact mailing list. (Today it says low-volume, should it be low volume?)
uds-r-community-r-ubuntuloco-best-practices-latest.txt:[everyone] Join the Ubuntu planet and write blog posts about LoCos
uds-r-community-r-ubuntuloco-best-practices-latest.txt:[cprofitt] blog about the session and LoCo teams
uds-r-community-r-ubuntuonair-latest.txt:[jcastro] Contact the people for sessions (i.e. Mid-release session)
uds-r-community-r-ubuntuonair-latest.txt:[joseeantonior, jcastro] define the dates for the sessions
uds-r-community-r-ubuntuonair-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Make sure classroom team can run sessions accordingly to their schedules
uds-r-community-r-ubuntuonair-latest.txt:[popey] Transfer the domain
uds-r-community-r-ubuntuonair-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Request hosting from Canonical
uds-r-community-r-ubuntuonair-latest.txt:[dholbach] Ask IS to get the wordpress instance running under one of Canonical servers
uds-r-community-r-ubuntustudio-planning-latest.txt:[ubuntustudio-dev] Talk with lionel at Xubuntu about further cooperation on XFCE (get a picture of how XFCE is installed and set on Xubuntu/Ubuntu Studio).
uds-r-community-r-ubuntustudio-planning-latest.txt:[zequence] Talk with dholbach about developer docs (he might have been working for this)
uds-r-community-r-ubuntustudio-planning-latest.txt:[zequence] See about getting upload rights for zequence and len-ovenwerks (use LP names)
uds-r-community-r-ubuntustudio-planning-latest.txt:[ubuntustudio-dev] Use PR team to recruit users to help Ubuntu Studio define and finegrain Ubuntu Studio workflows (choice of applications, fixing bugs, etc)
uds-r-community-r-ubuntustudio-planning-latest.txt:[cjcurran] Look at informing users about mixbus and linux-dsp plugins
uds-r-community-r-ubuntustudio-planning-latest.txt:[cjcurran] investigate a good set of defaults for supercollider
uds-r-community-r-ubuntustudio-planning-latest.txt:[zequence] Add supercollider to seeds
uds-r-community-r-ubuntustudio-planning-latest.txt:[zequence] Add faust to seeds
uds-r-community-r-ubuntustudio-planning-latest.txt:[cjcurran] Define applications and settings to be installed for audio coding (subgroup of audio workflow)
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-women-project-goals-latest.txt:[] add links to fullcircle articles on twitter
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-women-project-goals-latest.txt:[] backdate ubuntu-women Full Circle articles for ubuntu-women blog and do follow-up interviews: TODO
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-women-project-goals-latest.txt:[czajkowski] Career Days session
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-women-project-goals-latest.txt:[charlinepoirier] Career Days session
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-women-project-goals-latest.txt:[lisette-slegers] Career Days session
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-youth-latest.txt:[jpickett] Create ubuntu materials that u-y can use in their local school and community, adapt existing material toward youth events: TODO
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-youth-latest.txt:[jpickett] create wiki jam for u-y pages: TODO
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-youth-latest.txt:[philipballew] Improve wiki pages: TODO
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-youth-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Organize Classroom sessions run by UY members.: TODO
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-youth-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Create recurring fortnightly/monthly team meetings and post to fridge calendar: TODO
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-youth-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Take action to get Raju active in the council, otherwise get him kicked out: TODO
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-youth-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] If the action before results in Raju kicked out of the council, organize elections to get one more person into the council: TODO
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-youth-latest.txt:[philipballew] Blog and social media about the team: TODO
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-youth-latest.txt:[philipballew] Get and publish interviews(written and taped) with active members of the community TODO
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-youth-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Ask in the mailing list for meeting times: TODO
uds-r-community-r-ubuntu-youth-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Devel sessions at classroom/onair: TODO
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[knome] Set up translations for the offline documentation with Ubuntu Docs
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-docs] Rewrite the documentation to fit 12.04 for SRU
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-dev] (micahg) SRU's the docs to 12.04 once he has the package
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[lyz] Upload current offline docs once IS gets us a location
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Get scripts to track bugs in the Xubuntu packageset
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[mrpouit] Get the new display dialog to a PPA and tell testers to test it
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Get testers to test MenuLibre
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[gilir] Test MenuLibre and advertise its availability for LXDE/Lubuntu users :)
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Get gtk-theme-preferences in a PPA and get testers to test it
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Investigate screen locking (and security issues with LightDM)
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-dev] (micahg) Get ahold with larsu to talk about session-locking Ubuntu
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-dev] Check what the Ubuntu/Canonical plans are with Wayland
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-dev] (micahg) Look at changing the packageset to include xfce4*
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Look at the Xubuntu and the platform seed and see what we can drop
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-dev] Mentor bluesabre to become a "Xubuntu developer"
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[knome] Look at UTAH testing with balloons
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Start preparing UTAH tests for Xubuntu 14.04 LTS
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[knome] Cooperate with the other flavors on milestones (Xubuntu wants to keep betas)
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[knome] Discuss about QA stuff and testing with no alphas
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Add launchers to the applications menu for (+contribute)
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] See if we ship the Pidgin IRC client by default
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Look for the mailing list for community members to find new moderators
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[lyz] Look at filtering the mailing lists
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[elfy] Look how we can encourage people from the forums to start contributing
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[lyz] Follow up with case badge vendor about what we can do about pixelization
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[lyz] Create products page on
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-art] Create artwork for the flyers
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Review the flyer content and write backside content about community (LoCo etc.)
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Review and update screenshots
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Finish the 12.10 FAQ
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Look at adding launchers for installing applications to the menu (GIMP, Gnumeric)
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Investigate automated GUI testing
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Investigate adding options to the installer to install more packages from the (online) repositories during the installation
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Create blueprints based on the work items on this pad
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Send email to xubuntu-users/-devel asking for ideas for the roadmap (FDF Nov 22)
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[xubuntu-team] Start doing team reports
uds-r-community-r-xubuntu-planning-latest.txt:[knome] Write summaries for UDS-R sessions at
uds-r-design-r-error-handling-latest.txt:[ivanka] communicate a launchpad tag for these sorts of errors: TODO
uds-r-design-r-error-handling-latest.txt:[ivanka] publicise the existence of the guidelines: TODO
uds-r-design-r-error-handling-latest.txt:[mpt] Clarify "Accepting": TODO
uds-r-design-r-error-handling-latest.txt:[mpt] Compare with Errors section in "Design of everyday things"
uds-r-design-r-error-handling-latest.txt:[mpt] Say what went wrong only if it isn't already obvious
uds-r-design-r-error-handling-latest.txt:[mpt] add guideline for error messages to have selectable text: TODO
uds-r-design-r-error-handling-latest.txt:[mpt] Add advice on how to show info for tech support (e.g. in "Details" sections) :TODO
uds-r-design-r-error-handling-latest.txt:[mpt] Add examples of tone of voice :TODO
uds-r-design-r-error-handling-latest.txt:[doctormo] Examples of useful information: TODO
uds-r-design-r-error-handling-latest.txt:[doctormo] Artwork for errors, get ideas from various people: TODO
uds-r-design-r-typography-latest.txt:[mpt] Find the appropriate person to add the API/toolkit magic for baseline alignment
uds-r-desktop-q-deprecate-language-selector-latest.txt:[gunnarhj] If you have the time, please review before the session the notes I added to the blueprint's whiteboard.
uds-r-desktop-q-deprecate-language-selector-latest.txt:[gunnarhj] Headers from the notes:
uds-r-desktop-q-deprecate-language-selector-latest.txt:[from mpt] - Also, it's generally better to have a panel (e.g. category) inside System Settings than a separate window. (Here is some sort of design spec: and also:
uds-r-desktop-q-deprecate-language-selector-latest.txt:[me4oslav] The Gnome 3.6 control center language selector UI is worrying me, it opens a dialog to add languages and that will look bad in Unity without modal dialogs...`
uds-r-desktop-q-deprecate-language-selector-latest.txt:[gunnarhj] implement LANGUAGE=ll_CC:ll:en in accounts-service: TODO
uds-r-desktop-q-deprecate-language-selector-latest.txt:[seb128] look if we need any migration code for im-switch -> im-config: TODO
uds-r-desktop-q-deprecate-language-selector-latest.txt:[Laney] look to merge rodrigo's "install langpack on demand": TODO
uds-r-desktop-q-deprecate-language-selector-latest.txt:[Laney] look at how we can get a complete list of locales without installing them: TODO
uds-r-desktop-q-deprecate-language-selector-latest.txt:[Laney] finish dropping the snippets from the language-selector: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-2d-test-environment-latest.txt:[didrocks] investigate which effects needs to be disabled in compiz (not a solution but will help for people doing testing in a vm): TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-2d-test-environment-latest.txt:[didrocks] see with xnox why ubiquity-frontend-gtk is pulling metacity and remove it: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-2d-test-environment-latest.txt:[jibel] talk to QA about having the setup environment picking Ubuntu Desktop if there is a current iso (= 3d drivers working) or use lubuntu otherwise: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-2d-test-environment-latest.txt:[didrocks] investigate using the standalone appmenu tests on non unity sessions: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-accessibility-latest.txt:[jbicha] to drop the extra a11y themes once gnome-control-center 3.6 lands
uds-r-desktop-r-accessibility-latest.txt:[jbicha] Investigate colour effects in GNOME 3.6 to see how these can be used to replace themes being dropped by GNOME
uds-r-desktop-r-accessibility-latest.txt:[popey] chase up ezoom of non-desktop components (panel / launcher etc) - not finished, multimonitor breaks it - check with Alan Bell - also check for crosshair stuff like gnome-zoom2.png
uds-r-desktop-r-accessibility-latest.txt:[popey] check colour effects in compiz to match up with gnome-zoom3.png - check it works with Unity
uds-r-desktop-r-accessibility-latest.txt:[themuso] - ensure accessibility profiles updated to not use non-working themes
uds-r-desktop-r-accessibility-latest.txt:[themuso] - investigate keyboard shortcuts to invoke usability infrastructure tools (such as orca)
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers-latest.txt:[achiang] tag nexus 7 bugs with 'sensors'
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers-latest.txt:[achiang] Jot down (in Nexus7 wiki) a list of what existing userspace libraries exist for each of the sensors
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers-latest.txt:[pitti] understand difference between IIO and evdev
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers-latest.txt:[pitti] investigate how to emulate evdev events, write desktop tests that check that rotation events configure the desktop accordingly
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers-latest.txt:[janimo] fix camera driver
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers-latest.txt:[achiang] create wifi bug and assign
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers-latest.txt:[bryce] driver level work in rotation bugs
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers-latest.txt:[janimo] understand where accelerometer is exposing data
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] GPS investigation
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] NFC investigation
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-input-sensor-drivers-latest.txt:[janimo] ambient light sensor
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint-latest.txt:[didrocks, achiang] Analyzing the diff from the image proposed for nexus7 (keeping ibus?) and from the ubuntu image: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint-latest.txt:[didrocks,ogra] Look at creating this common seed: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint-latest.txt:[bryce,ogra] Only pulls the driver which are relevant to the device itself: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint-latest.txt:[achiang] reveal the "secret" of seed distribution done by OEM and push that to ubuntu upstream: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint-latest.txt:[slangasek] Confirm that we should disable deb-src by default and switch the configuration so that it doesn't come back on the installed image: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint-latest.txt:[kernel-team] Check once again kernel autoremoval: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint-latest.txt:[xnox] Look at nilfs2 current state: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-arm-reduce-footprint-latest.txt:[xnox] Look at f2fs current state: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-connectivity-checking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] look at pooling connectivity "resources", is that been done before?: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-connectivity-checking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] talk to dcbw about enabling conn checking in Fedora: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-connectivity-checking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] on demand checking: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-connectivity-checking-latest.txt:[doctormo] write conclusions/best practice to developer documentation: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-connectivity-checking-latest.txt:[doctormo] ask design team, casually, about connectivity and report back: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-connectivity-checking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] look into privacy policy re: what happens to the logs from TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-connectivity-checking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] talk to James about whether the infrastructure can support the load of regular checking: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-audio-latency-latest.txt:[diwic] Discuss low latency audio at pulse mini conference
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-audio-latency-latest.txt:[] Investigate if there are (open source) apps that are failing at syncing audio/video
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-audio-latency-latest.txt:[scottritchie] Investigate adding pulse latency test to the automated game fps measurement testing
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-audio-latency-latest.txt:[scottritchie] Demo hda-jack-retask and investigate working it into the sound settings
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-audio-latency-latest.txt:[scottritchie] Ask mlaankhorst about wine audio latency tests as an automated thing we could do
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-audio-support-latest.txt:[jpugh] refer the licence issues for the AC3 SPIDF output: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-audio-support-latest.txt:[??] test for audio latency / video sync
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-audio-support-latest.txt:[??] test Pulse latency API, does it give sane results
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-graphics-support-latest.txt:[mlankhorst] Look into providing mesa9 (and requirements) as a renamed package for precise: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-graphics-support-latest.txt:[raof] Put the piglet tests as automated autopkg test against the packages: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-graphics-support-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Ensure QA has the piglet tests running on the appropriate hardware in the lab: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-graphics-support-latest.txt:[popey] Find someone to submit Unity autopkg tests for not breaking on resolution change (eg barfing the title bars wrong, being unusable after a resolution changing app crashes): TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-input-support-latest.txt:[bryce] Need to evaluate various upstream multiplexer projects for more advanced joysticks
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-input-support-latest.txt:[persia] Evaluate automatic joystick calibration upon plugging in a game controller (code around the jscal command line interface?)
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-input-support-latest.txt:[bryce] Investigate current experience of ps3/xbox style game controllers
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-input-support-latest.txt:[persia, cnd] Spec out blueprint for EVDEV migration
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-process-cleanup-latest.txt:[daniel] Investigate best approach for handling wm hint in compiz
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[duflu] Work on a reproducer (automated test case for the unredirect fullscreen):
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[thomir] Work on a reproducer (automated test case for the unredirect fullscreen):
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[thomir] Writing a test case for multiple monitors with one fullscreen window on one monitor:
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[gema.gomez] Add the created test case to smoke daily testing:
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[duflu] Automated turning on and off of the fullscreen unredirect window:
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[duflu] Investigate on the remaining crashes:
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[mlankhorst] Investigate on the remaining crashes (on nouveau in particular):
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[didrocks] Backport the fix to precise:
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[njpatel] Unity: paging of results from the dash search results:
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[njpatel] Unity: UBUS enhancements:
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[3v1n0] improve the glib sources usage for timeouts (merging timeouts into just one source):
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[bryce] Add capturing of gsettings option for unredirected fullscreen: (org.compiz.composite, relocatable path)
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[njpatel] full screen dash window to detect the click out. Solution for not doing it and just querying the window manager for focused window:
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[njpatel] Texturing all the components in just one spot, not a draw call for every components, every time. (Launcher first, then panel). Texture harness. (like css sprites):
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[njpatel] Fix Nux automatically queuing and relayouting parents when it’s just needed:
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[njpatel] Investigate how previews transition on dash on big screens: inefficient:
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[njpatel] Check that all BAMF synchronous calls to check that they are in UI-drawing thread safe (it already should be the case):
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[pgraner] Add automated measurement/benchmark with upstream instrumentation of the code:
uds-r-desktop-r-gaming-platform-unity-performance-latest.txt:[pgraner] Help on having automated benchmarks on actual games integrated with autopilot, using timedemo (
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-fallback-latest.txt:[robert-ancell] transform the bluetooth-applet indicator to a proper indicator: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-fallback-latest.txt:[mpt] Finish design for the keyboard layout+IME menu: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-fallback-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] look at porting keyboard layout and ibus to be proper indicators: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-fallback-latest.txt:[mterry] check how keyboard indicator work affects unity-greeter: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-fallback-latest.txt:[seb128] check how nautilus is used for automounting and what we need to maybe replace: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-fallback-latest.txt:[pitti] help with the automounting port: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-fallback-latest.txt:[pitti] set up testing for the automounting code: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-fallback-latest.txt:[seb128] talk to the foundation team about consolekit vs logind: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-fallback-latest.txt:[mterry] use separate background panels for GNOME and Unity: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-fallback-latest.txt:[seb128] check how much work we will get once GNOME drops support for non systemd inhibit/... apis: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-plans-review-latest.txt:[desrt] dconf, glib: desrt, seb128
uds-r-desktop-r-gnome-plans-review-latest.txt:[seb128] work with desrt to update to new glib: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-google-cloud-print-integration-latest.txt:[tkamppeter] find people to work on it: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gstreamer-latest.txt:[seb128] check with gstreamer upstream if 1.2 and 1.0 are compatible: DONE
uds-r-desktop-r-gstreamer-latest.txt:[laney] check on rhythmbox branch in linked bug: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gstreamer-latest.txt:[laney] review gnome-media-profiles: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gstreamer-latest.txt:[jhodapp] port unity-lens-music: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gstreamer-latest.txt:[Laney] build a list of packages using both webkit and gstreamer 0.10 (e.g banshee): TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gstreamer-latest.txt:[seb128] talk to/help foundation to port ubiquity-frontend-gtk to gstreamer 1.0: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gstreamer-latest.txt:[seb128] keep a look on the 1.3 serie to see if there is a good reason to update to this one in case it's ready on time: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-gstreamer-latest.txt:[laney] kde-runtime recommends libcanberra-gstreamer - check with Kubuntu if this will cause problems when packages use 0.10 & 1.0: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-latest.txt:[Work Items]
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-latest.txt:[bryceh] Talk to nvidia about documentation for optimus: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-latest.txt:[mlankhorst] get the kernel pieces ready and upstream: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-latest.txt:[sforshee] send the macbook pro to mlankhorst: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-latest.txt:[canonical-kernel-team] to look at v10-wip: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-latest.txt:[ubuntu-x-swat] look at fixing drawing glitches where offsets are wrong or pixmaps not shared: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-user-experience-latest.txt:[mlankhorst] Take lowest end HW w/ hybrid GFX and benchmark unity running with full effects on low end or high end GPU: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-user-experience-latest.txt:[JohnLea] design for interface for selecting 3 modes: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-user-experience-latest.txt:[RAOF] design for environment variables for unity selecting GPUs properly and then publishing that spec: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-user-experience-latest.txt:[RAOF] design a spec for the desktop file and publish that spec to freedesktop: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-user-experience-latest.txt:[PS] identify implementation points for U/I switching and launching: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-user-experience-latest.txt:[RAOF] identify who to get to implement system-settings component: DONE
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-user-experience-latest.txt:[kenvandine] implement U/I for switching: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-hybrid-graphics-user-experience-latest.txt:[PS] implement launcher interface: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-improve-print-dialogs-latest.txt:[tkamppeter] find out which custom options are supported: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-improve-print-dialogs-latest.txt:[tkamppeter] test LibreOffice with the gtk dialog (works!): DONE
uds-r-desktop-r-improve-print-dialogs-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] patch LibreOffice to use the gtk dialog by default without enabling experimental features: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-improve-print-dialogs-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] check the status of the LibreOffice/gtk dialog integration: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-improve-print-dialogs-latest.txt:[larsu] find out status of implementation of the new print dialog in GNOME: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-input-method-improvement-latest.txt: [bschaefer] Merge XIM support into Nux
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-active-latest.txt:[quintasan] package maliit, ensure it works with plasma active, add to kubuntu-active seeds
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-active-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] duplicate kdelibs and kdeworkspace packages and add active patches
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-active-latest.txt:[quintasan,rohangarg] fix kubuntu active meta package and seed
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-active-latest.txt:[quintasan,rohangarg] package active 3
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-active-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] put active 3 into quantal-backports
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-active-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] backport fix for kwin with mesa 9
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-active-latest.txt:[steveriley] testing on i386 tablets, nexus 7 tablet
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-active-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] make nexus 7 images
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-active-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] consult with upstream on branding practice for "active"
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-active-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] create good communications with plasma active upstream
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-deferred-latest.txt:[SteveR] understand relationship between workground and windows 7 homegroup and determine integration: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-deferred-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] post pykde kcontrol integration to python 3: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-deferred-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] review pykde apps for porting to python 3: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-deferred-latest.txt:[quintasan] compare kuser with current kubuntu tool
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-deferred-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] write new interface for adding users
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-deferred-latest.txt:[SteveR] update kubuntu docs
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-deferred-latest.txt:[rohangarg] update touchpad kcm
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-deferred-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] deal with Kubuntu unique strings including ScottK's added konsole string: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-deferred-latest.txt:[rohangarg] package tomahawk (if at all possible due to deps): TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-deferred-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] deal with Kubuntu unique strings including ScottK's added konsole string: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-development-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] evaluate input methods ibus and fcitx and ensure they both work, decide which to ship
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-development-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] ensure kcm-locale runs im-config
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-development-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] bring back notification when half a language installed from language-selector
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-development-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] kcm-locale to be able to set system language
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-development-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] liase with apol to ensure muon-discover suitable for kubuntu active
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-development-latest.txt:[rohangarg] add message-indicator support to kde-telepathy KSNI
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-development-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] cleanup kubuntu-default-settings
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-development-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] rename to kubuntu-desktop-settings
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-development-latest.txt:[afiestas] review kcm_touchpad and consider forking
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-development-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] add network-manager-vpnc to the ISOs by default, remove from blacklist, add vpnc scripts
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-development-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] eat lunch: DONE
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-docs-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] update features tour on website with current websites
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-docs-latest.txt:[steveriley] update kubuntu-docs to current software
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-docs-latest.txt:[steveriley] add back docs icon on folderview for post-install discovery
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-docs-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] tidy up get kubuntu page on
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-docs-latest.txt:[steveriley] investigate alternatives for accepting donations that don't attract legal problems
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-images-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] ensure images have necessary packages for UEFI
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-images-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] get powerpc image size to fit on a CD
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-images-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] create kubuntu-active images for nexus 7
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-images-latest.txt:[steveriley] figure out how to recruit forum members for testing
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-images-latest.txt:[steveriley] work out the ISO auto-testing used by ubuntu and investigate replicating for kubuntu
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-images-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] update kubuntuwiki/ website test ISO instructions
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[fabo] Get Qt5 packaged
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] Package KDE SC 4.10
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] Investigate with Cédric Bellegarde about packaging appmenu kded (part of 4.10?)
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] package KidMP, inform edubuntu incase they want it, feedback to agateau about build system
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[quintasan] package homerun in archive, consider for inclusion on the ISO
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] ensure ktouchpadenabler is packaged and on the ISO as part of 4.10
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[quintasan] check if Plasma Media Centre works in the archive
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] remove unsupported owncloud from the archive and coordinate with debian maintainer to ensure shipped version has security updates
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[rohangarg] package kio-mtp and consider for inclusion on ISO (ScottK can test)
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[quintasan] investigate packaging Simon without proprietary library
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] review klook dophin integration and consider if ready for packaging (review kde-kfm thread)
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] package akonadi-social and dependencies
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[kitterman] investigate synaptiks for updated version
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] package kcm_touchpad and compare against synaptiks for default
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] package afiestas' new display config tool (due for release with 4.10)
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-packaging-latest.txt:[KDE 4.10] KDE 5 frameworks - experimental interesting to do yet? probably not...needs Qt5.1: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-ubiquity-other-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] implement crypt-fs in ubiquity-kde manual partitioner
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-ubiquity-other-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] implement lvm in ubiquity-kde manual partitioner based on design in ~xnox
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-ubiquity-other-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] implement raid
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-ubiquity-other-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] put automatic crypt-fs password on separate page with warning same as gtk
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-ubiquity-other-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] put screenshots of ubiquity-kde on
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-ubiquity-other-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] turn home dir encryption option into a tickbox on user setup page
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-ubiquity-other-latest.txt:[xnox] discuss with design - no indication that enrypted home directory is preserved
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-ubiquity-other-latest.txt:[kubuntu-dev] add chose picture for account page
uds-r-desktop-r-kubuntu-ubiquity-other-latest.txt:[xnox,jr] integrate apport
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] LibreOffice 3.7 is 4.0 with incompatible API -- brace for impact, rebuild/bump all depending extension: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] LibreOffice 3.7 is 4.0 with incompatible API -- EOL binfilter: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] investigate libmerged for better startup performance: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] upstream unitymenus vendor patch: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] upstream session installer integration: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] remove old lo-menubar implementation upstream: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] adapt the templates session installer button to the new template dialog: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] update and complete templates package upstream and for r: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] add session installer hooks for wizards: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] add session installer hooks for bibliography: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] use system clucene: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] make sure to only use Python3 in LO: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] improve startup time by enabling the libmerged configury: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] check re-enabling the reportwriter component, check with jamespage for outstanding issues with Java7: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen] add bug 957589 and bug 1068101 for this blueprint: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-upstream-qa-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen/jibel] setup build on master branch using libreoffice internal libraries
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-upstream-qa-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen/jibel] setup build on release branch using system libs whereever possible (as does the package in the end)
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-upstream-qa-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen/jibel] investigate QEMU/ARM build/test
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-upstream-qa-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen/jibel] integrate master builder with tinbuild2 and
uds-r-desktop-r-libreoffice-upstream-qa-latest.txt:[bjoern-michaelsen/jibel] watch out for upstream gerrit developments
uds-r-desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review-latest.txt:[seb128] get maliit in the archive: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review-latest.txt:[bschaefer] investigate maliit support in nux: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review-latest.txt:[sil2100] investigate maliit support in nux: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review-latest.txt:[ogra] have a look to what it would take to add strut support to onboard and talk to desktop about that: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-onscreen-keyboard-review-latest.txt:[seb128] talk to the community team to get help for building dictionnaries for "presage" (text prediction database): TODO
uds-r-desktop-round-table-latest.txt:[seb128] check with Jason to update the calendar meeting time: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-proxy-support-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] as a first pass; implement status quo from g-c-c into NM: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-proxy-support-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] provide dbus api for querying proxy settings: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-proxy-support-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] investigate getting pac to command-line apps: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-proxy-support-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] investigate two-factor auth for proxy: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[cjwatson] Check on disabling PPC builds in the PPA: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[mmrazik] Work with didrocks to ensure autopkgtests (autopilot?) coverage: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[didrocks] Work with cjwatson to decide which bot should be doing the copies: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[didrocks] Build the automation stack for daily upload to ubuntu, having some per stack capability for autopackaging, listing bugs, blocking in case of packaging change: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[jibel] Help didrocks with the jenkins setup for it: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[didrocks] Have autopilot plugged in with this process and reporting the correct information: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[mmrazik] Help didrocks with the autopilot bits and getting the right outcome: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[sil2100] Fix the flackyness of the autopilot unity tests: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[didrocks] Figure out the wrong compiz session settings making a lot of unity tests failing: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[didrocks] Create some dashboard to report the status of the last daily run: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[didrocks] Create a measurement system to report progress on tests, numbers of uploads, what was making the test failings, per period of time: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[didrocks] Kill the staging unity-team ppa and create the new stating ppa under ~ubuntu-desktop (non virtual ppa): TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[didrocks] Update, documente and announce the new release process diagram for everyone to have a clear view on it: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[kenvandine] Merge inline webapps and webcreds packages and switch to dh9: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[robru] Help Ken on inline webapps and webcreds packages and switch to dh9: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[mterry] Merge inline the unity stack packages and switch to dh9: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[cyphermox] Merge inline the indicators stack packages and switch to dh9: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[didrocks] Help the team with the coherence of the packaging: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[mmrazik] Switch all upstreams changes with inline packaging: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-processes-latest.txt:[mmrazik] Ensure we build on arm* in jenkins for every upstream commit: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-uife-ffe-sru-latest.txt: [ivanka] Discussing about having skunking on the release, documentation, translation team members for disclosing some new features in advance without revealing them publically: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-uife-ffe-sru-latest.txt: [charline] Help the release team to balance risk/benefits on every UI changes to explain more about their impact: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ps-uife-ffe-sru-latest.txt: [johnlea] Go to the tech board to try to have an explicit ack on minor UI change can go to a SRU (wrapped in bigger SRU update): TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reboot-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:* [bjoern-michaelsen] check split: does discspace, buildtime distribute equaly over the split packages (the core build should be faster (50%) than the monolithic build
uds-r-desktop-r-reboot-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:* [bjoern-michaelsen] would need to show results by 13.04, and the split packages in 13.10
uds-r-desktop-r-reboot-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:* [bjoern-michaelsen] the split requires a reoganization of the scp2 upstream component (for all supported platforms). Propose the split for deb/rpm, get buy-in for the other platforms
uds-r-desktop-r-reboot-libreoffice-packaging-latest.txt:* [bjoern-michaelsen] cross build
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[ncommander] software center egl "mode" or metapackage support for
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[ogra] Get the debian games team approval for opengles patches.
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[] Assemble list of low hanging fruit, games already in the archive that can get opengles support by configure switch etc.
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[] Add new OpenGL ES version of low hanging fruit packages.
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[] Look for Linaro patches
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[ogra] add Linaro link
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[] Look for Maemo patches
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[] Look for OpenPandora/GP32 patches
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[] Waffle integration to existing games
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[] Add good C/C++ practise to for new developers who wants to target both desktop and mobile.
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[xranby] Add good Java practise to for new developers who wants to target both desktop and mobile.
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[ncommander] document multiple package from same source
uds-r-desktop-r-rebuild-gl-games-for-gles-latest.txt:[ogra] find community people to fiil the unassigned workitems
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[mterry] look at why lightdm is using 30MB: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[canonical-desktop-team] go through the long running processes and run valgrind on them to assure we don't have obvious leaks: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[seb128] look if gnome-keyring needs to be running all the time: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[mhr3] make zg-fts expire datas after some time to reduce the size of the db: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[charles] valgrind the indicators stack: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[seb128] talk to desrt and others about a "libidle" to use for "exit after idle": TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[ken-vandine] check with online team if signond needs to be running all the time: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[ken-vandine] investigate long running telepathy-indicator/mission-control: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[ken-vandine] investigate long running geoclue/geoip services: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[charles] look at moving the eds/geoclue use in indicator-datetime from startup to about-to-show: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[seb128] talk to U1 guys about memory usage and disk wakes: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[seb128] look at what is making goa run for some users: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[seb128] look at the dbus traffic and work to reduce it: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[seb128] provide a list/documentation for python processes that could be ported to C/vala/...: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[mhall119] engage with the community for the python->c/vala porting effort: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[ogra] seed zram-conf: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[seb128] talk to the QA team about daily measurement: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[seb128] look at the wakeups list and set work items for the main offenders: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduced-power-ram-latest.txt:[ogra] set up follow-up meetings about the topics we didn't cover during the session: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[attente] unity-gtk-module in appmenu-gtk : TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[larsu] look at 062_ubuntu-set-grab-add.patch, possibly remove : TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[larsu] look at 45_suppress-printer-may-not-be-connected-notification.patch : TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[desrt] look at 018_gdkenumtypes.c_location.patch : TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[desrt] look at 071_fix-installation-of-HTML-images.patch : TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[desrt] look at git_gtkcellrenderer_grabbing_modifier.patch : TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[desrt] look at 08_disable_gapplication_basic_test.patch : TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[desrt] look at 07_disable_tests_on_slow_archs.patch
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[laney] talk to Sweetshark about whether 40_xres_lcddefault is necessary or if we can drop: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[chriscoulson] check g-s-d patches 47 and 48 : TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[mterry] update bugzilla_segfault_dpms.patch : TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[mterry] follow up on : TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[seb128] implement datetime backend for ubuntu-system-services :)
uds-r-desktop-r-reduce-patch-burden-latest.txt:[diwic] rebase 96-sound-nua.patch in g-c-c to use upstream code where possible: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-system-config-printer-vs-gnome-3-control-center-latest.txt:[tkamppeter] check upstream status of the printing panel in g-c-c: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-system-config-printer-vs-gnome-3-control-center-latest.txt:[larsu] implement printer default options as designed: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-system-config-printer-vs-gnome-3-control-center-latest.txt:[larsu] add printer sharing to g-c-c: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-system-config-printer-vs-gnome-3-control-center-latest.txt:[mpt or me4oslav] improve the existing design specs (when it comes to "Set as default" and "Sharing": TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence-latest.txt:[seb128] create a nexus7-settings package (clean up/reuse existing): TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence-latest.txt:[seb128] register a blueprint describing the decision process: TODO:
uds-r-desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence-latest.txt:[ogra] provide the desktop team the current settings package tweaks: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence-latest.txt:[canonical-desktop-team] review requests for changes and ack or nack those: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence-latest.txt:[achiang] escalate plymouth issue to nvidia
uds-r-desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence-latest.txt:[ogra] fix plymouth handling inside initrd
uds-r-desktop-r-tablet-desktop-convergence-divergence-latest.txt:[seb128] encourage people to be creative in what can be tweaked through ppas and review at next UDS what users came with and that be brought back in the desktop: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ubuntu-system-services-latest.txt:[mvo] get ubuntu-system-services to exit after an idle delay (disconnect from the bus, run the loop to make sure there are no pending messages, then exit): TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ubuntu-system-services-latest.txt:[seb128] review systemd interfaces to see which ones would need to be adapted to work on Debian/Ubuntu (keyboard handling for example): TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-ubuntu-system-services-latest.txt:[seb128] talk to foundation-team about systemd packaging/splitting the helpers: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-general-latest.txt:[tjaalton] xserver point release MRE (xit as test)
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-general-latest.txt:[raof] upload apitrace
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-general-latest.txt:[raof] create autopkgtest for piglit:
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-general-latest.txt:[tjaalton] create autopkgtest for xit
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-lts-updates-latest.txt:[TBD] For the 12.04.2 DVD's, if investigation can confirm we can support providing an option to allow users to remain on the original Precise stack, we will provide this as an option. Otherwise DVD's will only provide the newer enablement stack.
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-lts-updates-latest.txt:* [TBD] Anyone running an R or S enablement stack in Precise might have an unexpected result if they upgrade their entire system to Quantal. The packages offered in the R/S enablement stack would supersede the Quantal packages. This still needs further discussion for an appropriate upgrade policy/expectation for anyone in this scenario.
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-lts-updates-latest.txt:[] Test installing S from CD over the top of an R enablement stack:
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-lts-updates-latest.txt:[] Have update manager try to keep people from upgrading in scenarios from P w/ enablement stacks to Q. Guide them to a wiki instead that explains more intelligently what they should do:
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-lts-updates-latest.txt:[leannogasawara] coordinate with PES to Make sure the Q enablement stack is messaged correctly that the user WILL be upgraded to 14.04 enablement stack at the Q enablement stack's EOL (shortly after April 2014). And ditto for subsequent stacks:TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-lts-updates-latest.txt:[leannogasawara] message Q's enablement stack support window (ie auto upgrade to T after T's first SRU cycle):TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-lts-updates-latest.txt:[leannogasawara] ask foundations how will phased updates come into play when upgrading enablement stack:TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-lts-updates-latest.txt:[brad-figg] help QA integrate xorg enablement stack into testing: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-lts-updates-latest.txt:[mlankhorst] Examine use of diverts for xorg-common: TODO
uds-r-desktop-r-xorg-lts-updates-latest.txt:[mlankhorst] Decide on xrandr / libxrandr renaming (or alternatives?): TODO
uds-r-developing-ui-tests-with-autopilot-latest.txt:Install: autopilot-qt autopilot-qt5 autopilot-gtk python-autopilot [unity-autopilot]
uds-r-developing-ui-tests-with-autopilot-latest.txt:[allanlesage] Look into Gtk2 support (may be interesting for mozila, maybe chromium, and security team).
uds-r-developing-ui-tests-with-autopilot-latest.txt:[mmrazik] Ensure autopilot tests run as part of CI & autolanding.
uds-r-developing-ui-tests-with-autopilot-latest.txt:[thomir] Add feature: set the Eventually timeout for a particular assertion.
uds-r-error-tracker-workshop-latest.txt:[ ] Turn off crash reporting to Launchpad in 13.04 - only have them go to daisy / errors. Once developers are able to ask for more information. (a package hook might collect something that would only goto launchpad until this feature exists): TODO
uds-r-error-tracker-workshop-latest.txt:[ ] Enable an option to always send errors (once error reporting only goes to errors) add a field indicating that it was from an automatic error reporting system: TODO
uds-r-error-tracker-workshop-latest.txt:[] ev make a video regarding how to use TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[apw] linux-headers for aarch64: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[cjwatson] wrapper required for sbuild, to pass correct --host
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[cjwatson] get some kind of autobuild going: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[wookey] get some kind of autobuild going: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[doko] autobuild package builds on fast model for comparison vs cross: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[lool] help wookey with autobuilder infrastructure: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[wookey] page for current built versions / failures: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[doko] upload crossbuild-essential: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] create workitems for fixing five cross builds: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] add link for binary comparison tool: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[apw] get us a vexpress image for aarch64: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[hrw] armhf (update) & armv8 cross in raring: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-aarch64-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] investigate OVMF on ARM, post details on ubuntu UEFI wiki page
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt: * [xnox] check fsck taking longer to report clean
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[ogra] see if dropping initrd would improve boot speed: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[ogra] remove nautilus from autostart (or only autostart if there are desktop icons)
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[ogra] delay onboard startup after unity loads
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] daily bootcharts for Nexus 7 devices (requires some sort of automated installation process)
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[xnox] experiment with ureadahead
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[xnox] check fsck taking longer to report (clean)
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[pitti] disable i386 video quirks
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[jodh] pure upstart shutdown, remove sysv gunk
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[ogra] make 'DPMS off' the first step in pm-utils
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[pitti] add timestamps to pm-utils scripts for the pm-suspend logs
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[vorlon] apport checker resurrection, files being held open
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-boot-resume-speedup-latest.txt:[xnox, barry] check pyo optimisation and py-freeze to speed up python code
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-ubiquity-latest.txt: * [jodh] research what services would need to be restarted when the hostname changes: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-ubiquity-latest.txt: * [xnox] if no keyboard is available, ask for onboard: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-ubiquity-latest.txt: * [xnox] no slideshow mode
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-ubiquity-latest.txt: * [xnox] pre-seed the second-stage ("client") oem-config
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-ubiquity-latest.txt: [xnox] allow to run installer in full-screen mode (optionally / hacker option)
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-ubiquity-latest.txt: [ogra] test installer in full-screen mode with the panel
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-ubiquity-latest.txt: [xnox] check that wifi is setup before geip lookup in second stage oem-config: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-ubiquity-latest.txt: [xnox] really auto remove rdeps of the oem-config
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support-latest.txt:[ogra] single tarball images?
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support-latest.txt:[xnox] udev rules to pop up usb-creator
rsalveti] review legal about the drivers, does that legal txt">uds-r-foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support-latest.txt:[rsalveti] review legal about the drivers, does that legal txt needs to be shown...
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support-latest.txt:[ogra] help xnox coding/troubleshooting
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support-latest.txt:[xnox] code the fastboot backened
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support-latest.txt:[xnox] collaborate with requirements with design on technical req
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support-latest.txt:[design-team] provide UX and design
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support-latest.txt:[ogra] update release notes
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support-latest.txt:[brendan-donegan] help / collaborate on udisks2 port
uds-r-foundations-r-arm-usb-creator-fastboot-support-latest.txt:[xnox] check for dd backened and see what can be done with it.
uds-r-foundations-r-buildds-usage-latest.txt:[didrocks] -- conflict on the session, mmrazik is the stackholder for the PS ppa anyway as told at last UDS.
uds-r-foundations-r-buildds-usage-latest.txt:[mrazik] Disable PPC builds or move to virtualised buildds. At the very least turn off during critical release periods: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-buildds-usage-latest.txt:[didrocks] Try to get Launchpad ops to disable PPC on the unity daily PPA (rt done, but not possible with current LP infra it seems): DONE
uds-r-foundations-r-buildds-usage-latest.txt:[cjwatson] Allow buildd admins to set relative score for an archive by API: DONE
uds-r-foundations-r-buildds-usage-latest.txt:[cjwatson] Adjust the score for frozen series: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-buildds-usage-latest.txt:[doko] Find out what LP's criteria for granting non-virtual PPAs is, when there are going to be recipe / tarmac builds: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-buildds-usage-latest.txt:[adconrad] Chase up getting a newer python-debian on the buildds to speedup bzr and enable 0.4 recipe format - Canonical RT #46345, LP Bug TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-buildds-usage-latest.txt:[vorlon] follow up with adconrad about getting arm server hardware
uds-r-foundations-r-buildds-usage-latest.txt:[doko] follow up with elmo about borrowing some multiguest machines to help during the test rebuilds
uds-r-foundations-r-buildds-usage-latest.txt:[cjwatson] start e-mail conversation with timrc/schwuk/slangasek/elmo/flacoste to establish good coordination on distro buildd farm priorities: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-crash-database-latest.txt: [pitti] there are no arm retracers now - one should be setup
uds-r-foundations-r-crash-database-latest.txt:[pitti] Create a separate charm for the retracers
uds-r-foundations-r-dh-apparmortemplate-latest.txt:[jdstrand] Get aa-easyprof to read pipe with easyprof syntax as an alternative to command line parameters
uds-r-foundations-r-dh-apparmortemplate-latest.txt:[jdstrand] discuss with stakeholders all possible confinement keywords
uds-r-foundations-r-dh-apparmortemplate-latest.txt:[xnox] define the config syntax with jdstrand for the dh_appconfinement (use debhelper perl lib)
uds-r-foundations-r-dh-apparmortemplate-latest.txt:[xnox] Implement new dh_appconfinement debhelper hook, containing the list of confinement policies supported and what tool to call to handle them
uds-r-foundations-r-dh-apparmortemplate-latest.txt:man dh_appconfinement [--template]
uds-r-foundations-r-dpkg-xz-latest.txt:[] -dbgsym enable xz by default
uds-r-foundations-r-dpkg-xz-latest.txt:[] -dbg ?
uds-r-foundations-r-empowered-flavors-latest.txt:[laney] follow up on availability of source code for reports
uds-r-foundations-r-empowered-flavors-latest.txt:[all flavors] coordinate whether and when to do freezes so that any milestone freezes happen at the same time
uds-r-foundations-r-empowered-flavors-latest.txt:[persia] follow up on defining best practices for release notes collaboration
uds-r-foundations-r-flavor-pm-mtg-latest.txt:[kate.stewart] talk to colin watson about ubuntu-announce and ubuntu-devel-announce, moderation for flavors posting, etc.: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-flavor-pm-mtg-latest.txt:[kate.stewart] poll release team and confirm acceptable for product managers to participate/interact with flavor related discussions on #ubuntu-release and ubuntu-release mailing list.: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-flavor-pm-mtg-latest.txt:[kate.stewart] Move BetaFinal 1 week later: DONE
uds-r-foundations-r-flavor-pm-mtg-latest.txt:[kitterman] discuss Freeze mechanics with wider release team, in relation to Final Beta Freeze (archive scrutiny), UI Freeze, and, Doc Freeze).: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-flavor-pm-mtg-latest.txt:[kitterman] work with release team to put milestones to be coordinated around for flavors.: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-flavor-pm-mtg-latest.txt:[stgraber] determine who the release drivers are for each milestone
uds-r-foundations-r-gaming-platform-binaries-longevity-latest.txt:[demitrius] Add package symbol checks in jenkins for core libraries
uds-r-foundations-r-gaming-platform-binaries-longevity-latest.txt:[mlankhorst] Audit X libraries that basic API layer is not changing.
uds-r-foundations-r-gaming-platform-binaries-longevity-latest.txt:[mlankhorst] Audit pulse and openal libaries that basic API layer is not changing.
uds-r-foundations-r-gaming-platform-binaries-longevity-latest.txt:[mlankhorst] Advertise base set of checked libraries for the benefit of game developers
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[xnox] Is mingw-w64 discussions appropriate here? Or is it more about the well behaved suspects: armhf, aarch64, x32, powerpc...
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[vorlon] this is primarily about the well-behaved suspects. But there's no reason this work can't be extended to target architectures that aren't part of Ubuntu.
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[vorlon] open a bug for rpath issue in toolchain, assign to hrw: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[vorlon] concrete recommendations for test running: nocheck vs. qemu-user-static, add to cross build pages on TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[vorlon] provide two profiles for mk-sbuild: one for qemu, and one for nocheck: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] import wookey's cross build docs to TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[wookey] check jk's import of cross build docs: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[achiang] check jk's import of cross build docs & do some test builds: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] define package sets: core, GUI, server, email to vorlon, cjwatson, doko: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[doko] fix the cross compiler default include paths to be multiarch compatible: INPROGRESS
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[adconrad] check out apache build environment: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] bug adconrad regularly about apache build environment: INPROGRESS
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[wookey] upstream overrides: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[doko] investigate how to dump config.cache in the build log (sbuild?): TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-improve-cross-compilation-latest.txt:[doko] followup with wgrant about blhc scans: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-improving-dist-upgrades-latest.txt:[stgraber] Get the dist-upgrader to download all the packages into a temporary location (with its own sources.list) to avoid locking apt during that time
uds-r-foundations-r-improving-dist-upgrades-latest.txt:[stgraber] Look at depending on metacity (but be aware of flavours) so we have a stable window manager to run the upgrade
uds-r-foundations-r-improving-dist-upgrades-latest.txt:[stgraber] Implement a two step upgrade in update-manager, first run resolves and downloads, second run resolves, downloads anything left and upgrades in a minimal desktop environment
uds-r-foundations-r-improving-dist-upgrades-latest.txt:[brian-murray] look into conffile prompt detection beforehand using the code in unattended-upgrades
uds-r-foundations-r-improving-dist-upgrades-latest.txt:[mvo] document how to upgrade with local mirrors and with preserving with third party repors and how to set NonInteractive mode by default on upgrade
uds-r-foundations-r-improving-dist-upgrades-latest.txt:[mvo] support upgrades from a totally isolated system with only internal network and mirrors
uds-r-foundations-r-improving-dist-upgrades-latest.txt:[mvo] phased upgrades! like phased updates using a percent number in the meta-release file
uds-r-foundations-r-improving-dist-upgrades-latest.txt:[stgraber] In case of system reboot during upgrade, try to run the text upgrader at boot time, if it fails, try to fix dpkg/apt and try again
uds-r-foundations-r-improving-dist-upgrades-latest.txt:[brian-murray] Add tests for the two phase upgrade where "interesting" things happen during the two (adding repositories, installing packages, ...)
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[stgraber] Write the needs for a caching server (implementing nss plugin, ...)
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] Better advertise the fact that you can turn on caching since Ubuntu 12.10
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[stgraber] Test UEFI secureboot netboot on IPv4 and IPv6, follow-up on known bugs and document how to set it up
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[stgraber] Follow-up with IS on state of IPv6 in the datacenter
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] Implement (or finish implementing) PDP context selection/ mobile ipv6 connect: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] add ipv6 tab for DSL (pppoe): TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[stgraber] Check if strongswan's opportunistic IPSEC works, potentially fix the package and blog about it: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] Blog about changing interface settings to reduce bufferbloat: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[stgraber] Look at fixing isc-dhcp-client to work over infiniband: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] Discuss qdisc changes with dcbw / NM mailing list: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] talk to shadeslayer about KDE NM VPN plugin packages: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[mathieu-tl] On demand installation of VPN plugins in NetworkManager (nm-applet): TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-networking-latest.txt:[stgraber] Look at patching consolekit to add an option to disable at_console (for systems that won't have a console)
uds-r-foundations-r-openjdk-latest.txt:[xranby] talk to intelliJ team to try make a graphical clickthrough disclaimer that intelliJ do not support OpenJDK, currently you need to start IntelliJ from command-line: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-openjdk-latest.txt:[james-page] Email debian-java team about bytecode incompatiblity and agree position on importance: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-openjdk-latest.txt:[xranby] Raise ARM HF/EL architecture identification on openjdk/icedtea upstream: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-openjdk-latest.txt:[xranby] Use jamvm if zero break.
uds-r-foundations-r-openjdk-latest.txt:[jamespage] add openjdk 8 as option in the universe.
uds-r-foundations-r-openjdk-latest.txt:[doko] Plans around openjdk8: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-opt-installation-latest.txt:[mhall119] File a bug in Unity to sort apps in the Dash by (localized) name instead of file name: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-opt-installation-latest.txt:[vorlon] Create symlinks for .desktop: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-opt-installation-latest.txt:[vorlon] Create symlinks for .lens and .scope: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-opt-installation-latest.txt:[vorlon] Create symlinks for DBus .service: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-opt-installation-latest.txt:[vorlon] Create symlinks for apport source package hooks: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-opt-installation-latest.txt:[vorlon] Create symlinks for online accounts providers: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-opt-installation-latest.txt:[vorlon] Create symlinks for docs/man/info: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-opt-installation-latest.txt:[vorlon] Create symlinks for yelp documentation: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-opt-installation-latest.txt:[vorlon] Add glib schema compilation snippets with debhelper: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-plusone-maintenance-latest.txt:[vorlon] follow up with jasoncwarner about whether desktop can contribute this cycle
uds-r-foundations-r-plusone-maintenance-latest.txt:[vorlon] follow up with popey about whether PS can contribute this cycle
uds-r-foundations-r-plusone-maintenance-latest.txt:[adconrad] drive the scheduling of the +1 rotators
uds-r-foundations-r-plusone-maintenance-latest.txt:[adconrad] sort out clever ways to improve messaging about +1/MOTU engagement
uds-r-foundations-r-plusone-maintenance-latest.txt:[cjwatson] do something about britney's obsolete sources mode
uds-r-foundations-r-plusone-maintenance-latest.txt:[cjwatson] alert system for archive admins when NEW queue is deep/old
uds-r-foundations-r-powerpc-bootloaders-latest.txt:[benc] try to make grub-emu (which is in the firmware) to find and jump into "real" grub-emu which is installed on the root partition (/ or /boot): TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-powerpc-bootloaders-latest.txt:[benc] push patches&hacks to grub-emu upstream....
uds-r-foundations-r-powerpc-bootloaders-latest.txt:[benc] grub-uboot patches need reviewing & merging. See what can be reused on powerpc.
uds-r-foundations-r-powerpc-bootloaders-latest.txt:[cjwatson] please build static grub kexec
uds-r-foundations-r-prior-release-feedback-latest.txt:[stgraber] add support for ISO tracker to continue QAing dailies for images that are not included in a currently-tested milestone
uds-r-foundations-r-prior-release-feedback-latest.txt:[vorlon] convert the release notes common-infrastructure include to use it only for the common bugs, and push features to the individual product pages
uds-r-foundations-r-prior-release-feedback-latest.txt:[kate.stewart] release scripts for pulling release notes blurbs from blueprints and concatenating them
uds-r-foundations-r-prior-release-feedback-latest.txt:[pgraner] get PS representation on #ubuntu-release on an ongoing basis
uds-r-foundations-r-prior-release-feedback-latest.txt:[kate.stewart] update template for weekly reports ( to drop the section on "bugs being worked on": DONE
uds-r-foundations-r-prior-release-feedback-latest.txt:[adconrad] socialize the change to use the release targeting bug list as The One Way to track bugs that are important to the team
uds-r-foundations-r-prior-release-feedback-latest.txt:[pgraner] inform the community that the weekly meetings are dropped and point them at the replacement process of weekly reports by mail only + bug targeting
uds-r-foundations-r-prior-release-feedback-latest.txt:[stgraber] autopublishing of the chinese images and cloud images to isotracker
uds-r-foundations-r-python33-latest.txt:[barry] track piotr's uploads to experimental for pybuild & dh_auto*, and put those in raring
uds-r-foundations-r-python33-latest.txt:[] file a bug: py3versions --py3 --supported or something should generate all supported py3s with the default 3.x replaced with 3 and always last in the order
uds-r-foundations-r-python3-oauth-latest.txt:[christoffer-holmstedt] Message from oauthlib project to ubuntu project: Github issues is an acceptable way of communication.
uds-r-foundations-r-python3-oauth-latest.txt:[christoffer-holmstedt] 14.04 needs server side oauth
uds-r-foundations-r-python3-oauth-latest.txt:[barry] talk to maas folks about why they chose python-oauth and if they're willing to port to python-oauthlib: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-python3-oauth-latest.txt:[christoffer-holmstedt] python 3.3 support, and a new pypi version 3.1
uds-r-foundations-r-python3-oauth-latest.txt:[christoffer-holmstedt] contact back to Ubuntu is email barry, xnox, mterry
uds-r-foundations-r-python3-oauth-latest.txt:[xnox] to contact server guys for their needs
uds-r-foundations-r-python-versions-latest.txt:[allanlesage] ping pes to see if someone can help with xapian port
uds-r-foundations-r-python-versions-latest.txt:[xnox] review spreadsheet list for completion
uds-r-foundations-r-python-versions-latest.txt:[barry] wiki page & socialize intermediate steps
uds-r-foundations-r-python-versions-latest.txt:[doko] why is reportlab on the cd and can it be dropped?
uds-r-foundations-r-python-versions-latest.txt:[xnox] investigate libvirt portability status
uds-r-foundations-r-python-versions-latest.txt:[barry] work on ports from will-not-port libraries to newer libraries (oauth, simplejson)
uds-r-foundations-r-python-versions-latest.txt:[barry] what are duplicity and deja-dup plans for 13.04
uds-r-foundations-r-python-versions-latest.txt:[barry] check w/bjorn about libreoffice requirements for py2 on cd
uds-r-foundations-r-python-versions-latest.txt:[barry] work w/allison to publicize porting story, especially for library developers
uds-r-foundations-r-python-versions-latest.txt:[xnox] follow up with cjwatson to see if ndiswrapper gui can be dropped from cd
uds-r-foundations-r-rapid-archive-bringup-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] start wiki bootstrap instructions on ubuntu wiki, notify adconrad & cjwatson: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-rapid-archive-bringup-latest.txt:[adconrad] provide details in wiki about when this should & shouldn't be done: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-rapid-archive-bringup-latest.txt:[adconrad] braindump bootstrap knowledge to wiki notes: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-rapid-archive-bringup-latest.txt:[cjwatson] braindump bootstrap knowledge to wiki notes: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-rapid-archive-bringup-latest.txt:[cjwatson] coerce LaMont into providing input to bootstrap instructions: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-rapid-archive-bringup-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] see what raspbian have done w.r.t. their bringup: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-rapid-archive-bringup-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] "user testing" on the document we produce: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-release-manifest-streamlining-latest.txt:[stgraber] Look into referencing images from daily/milestones as single records based on version
uds-r-foundations-r-release-manifest-streamlining-latest.txt:[stgraber] Give the ISO tracker a concept of images that are being released for a series
uds-r-foundations-r-release-manifest-streamlining-latest.txt:[stgraber] Implement admin UI in the tracker and matching API query
uds-r-foundations-r-release-manifest-streamlining-latest.txt:[stgraber] Change code to add builds on the tracker to work with the default milestone products
uds-r-foundations-r-release-manifest-streamlining-latest.txt:[stgraber] Also store release contact per product and per series (same place as what product to publish)
uds-r-foundations-r-release-manifest-streamlining-latest.txt:[adconrad] The magical respin-the-world tool should have a --release switch that queries the ISO tracker and only builds the images targetted for release to save resources
uds-r-foundations-r-release-manifest-streamlining-latest.txt:[adconrad] publish-image-set should write the HTML for the netboot page based on the ISO tracker flags, rather than use editing it by hand
uds-r-foundations-r-release-manifest-streamlining-latest.txt:[ogra] Fix stuff that's broken for ARM in make-web-indices (whatever that means)
uds-r-foundations-r-release-manifest-streamlining-latest.txt:[kate.stewart] Check with balloons that all products have a launchpad team for people who need QA tracker product management access
uds-r-foundations-r-revert-policy-latest.txt: [vorlon] the point I mean to express here is that somebody should be making a call that the impact of a particular bug warrants *considering* a revert. We obviously don't want to put ourselves in the situation of being expected to revert the world - though in some cases we may indeed want to revert a set of related uploads before we've pinned down exactly which change is to blame.
uds-r-foundations-r-revert-policy-latest.txt:[adconrad] implement push-button reverting of single packages
uds-r-foundations-r-revert-policy-latest.txt:[adconrad] make push-button reverting find all binary rdeps and revert/rebuild those as well (this will need parsing versioned build-deps to decide if they need a revert rather than rebuild)
uds-r-foundations-r-revert-policy-latest.txt:[vorlon] take to ubuntu-devel for discussion of how we trigger the consideration of a revert
uds-r-foundations-r-schedule-latest.txt:[cjwatson] set up monthly/freezely milestones for raring
uds-r-foundations-r-schedule-latest.txt:[cjwatson] update NewReleaseCycleProcess to correspond to new milestone scheme
uds-r-foundations-r-schedule-latest.txt:[pgraner] Schedule a PM session for Flavors and email Ubuntu Devel List
uds-r-foundations-r-schedule-latest.txt:[persia] follow up with product managers of flavors to decide on dates for flavor alphas (include Nick and ubuntu-release; must be done within a week of UDS)
uds-r-foundations-r-schedule-latest.txt:[pgraner] Update schedule with new dates fof FF (wk 20) & Deb Import Freeze (wk 17)
uds-r-foundations-r-schedule-latest.txt:[pgraner] Update the schedule to reflect the new changes (keep the old milestones on but denote that are not active)
uds-r-foundations-r-schedule-latest.txt:[kate.stewart] start discussion in release team on process cleanup between 0-day SRU and final fixes after the Final Freeze.
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt: * OVMF [jk]
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[cjwatson] backport all the things for SB support in 12.04.2: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[cjwatson] switch to enablement kernel ASAP for 12.04.2: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[apw] .efi.signature support for R/Q ASAP: INPROGRESS
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[apw] review efivarfs changes for sru to Q: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[apw] module signing support prototype for R: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[vorlon] followup on shim bugfixes
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[vorlon] upgrade to shim+MOK for 13.04 and if possible for 12.04.2: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] OVMF packages (with secure boot support): TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] Publish wishlist for sbsigntools tests: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[cjwatson] look into using grub2-signed image preferentially even if SB is disabled (for migration): TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[vorlon] follow-up on grub2 netboot support: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[cjwatson] look into producing signed Xen images: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-secure-boot-latest.txt:[jdstrand] more auditing of signed GRUB: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-sru-queue-velocity-latest.txt:[brian-murray] Design tool to help process SRUs
uds-r-foundations-r-sru-queue-velocity-latest.txt:[brian-murray] auto comment on bugs needing verification (indicate that it needs to happen in the next 15days) at some interval (3 months) would help
uds-r-foundations-r-sru-queue-velocity-latest.txt:[] move stable release notes from archiveadmin page and put it in another and link to it from the archiveadmin page and the SRU page
uds-r-foundations-r-sru-queue-velocity-latest.txt:[] SRU team documentation should mention pinging the security team for any copies to the -security pocket
uds-r-foundations-r-sru-queue-velocity-latest.txt:[] regression-updates tag should be more useful than it is
uds-r-foundations-r-sru-queue-velocity-latest.txt:[brian-murray] create a tool or modify a tool that will look for bugs about the same package that are from -proposed and that are tagged regression-proposed and then comment on / tag the SRU bug
uds-r-foundations-r-ubiquity-raid-latest.txt:[qa] btrfs reliability testing (find a home for this work item :)
uds-r-foundations-r-uefi-fastboot-ui-latest.txt:[mpt] provide a design for "Reboot to firmware" option in the Restart menu
uds-r-foundations-r-uefi-fastboot-ui-latest.txt:[cjwatson] follow up on whether EFI timeout menu should happen differently /in general/, which means no special handling is required for the reboot-to-firmware option
uds-r-foundations-r-uefi-fastboot-ui-latest.txt:[vorlon] provide a generic tool to write to efivars
uds-r-foundations-r-upstart-user-session-enhancements-latest.txt:[ted] make startup-applications know how to see upstart jobs and disable them: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-upstart-user-session-enhancements-latest.txt:[jodh] search for user jobs in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME config directory, or ~/.config/init/ if variable not set.
uds-r-foundations-r-upstart-user-session-enhancements-latest.txt:[jodh] identify namespace prefix character.
uds-r-foundations-r-upstart-user-session-enhancements-latest.txt:[jodh] resolve job namespacing issues.
uds-r-foundations-r-upstart-user-session-enhancements-latest.txt:[jodh] modify upstart to search for jobs in multiple directories, all supporting override files.
uds-r-foundations-r-upstart-user-session-enhancements-latest.txt:[jodh] upstart-file-bridge needs to be able to watch an *existing* directory or for modifications to named files (globs should be supported)
uds-r-foundations-r-wubi-redesign-latest.txt:[xnox] blog about the work and feature the blog on design blog (OMG! etc) : (I can write OMG! article)TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-wubi-redesign-latest.txt:[ajenbo] implement the USB creater for WUBI: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-wubi-redesign-latest.txt:[xnox] talk to jibel about automating QA of Wubi
uds-r-foundations-r-wubi-redesign-latest.txt:[qa] automate the Wubi manual-cd test cases
uds-r-foundations-r-wubi-redesign-latest.txt:[qa] how to qa new/upcomming WUBI features
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[apw] turn back on x32 support in the kernel (ie CONFIG_X86_X32=y): INPROGRESS
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[apw] engage Debian kernel team about their plans: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[apw] engage with -security on the ramifications: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[doko] wait for Debian to do an x32 port: INPROGRESS
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[adconrad] finish the multilib bootstrap in Debian experimental: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[colin-king] measure power/performance with i386 userspace and amd64 kernel: DONE
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[colin-king] measure power/performance with x32 userspace and amd64 kernel: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[doko] update binutils to a version from the trunk: DONE
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[doko] get gcc backports into 4.7 if necessary: DONE
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[adconrad] get x32 backports into glibc, or update glibc to the next release, assuming 2.16 has all the patches we need: DONE
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[adconrad] Investigate better lp-buildd queueing strategies that would allow us to share amd64/x32/i386/lpia buildds in a single pool, so we don't have to add yet another dedicated set of buildds: TODO
uds-r-foundations-r-x32-planning-latest.txt:[adconrad] Backport x32 support to precise and lucid-cat dpkg versions, so Soyuz can deal with it if/when we do the port: TODO
uds-r-get-started-with-ubuntu-development-latest.txt:[bdrung] check if packaging-dev pulls in bzrtools
uds-r-hardware-r-arm-kernel-maintenance-latest.txt:[jani] nexus7 kernel to move to hwe/
uds-r-hardware-r-arm-kernel-maintenance-latest.txt:[apw] kernel config review for nexus7 kernel (against P perhaps)
uds-r-hardware-r-arm-kernel-maintenance-latest.txt:[apw] kernel recommendation for 'community kernels' including nexus7
uds-r-hardware-r-arm-kernel-maintenance-latest.txt:[apw] where are device trees coming out of -generic ... of course
uds-r-hardware-r-arm-kernel-maintenance-latest.txt:[apw] -generic-nonpae with vexpress and highbank as proof-of-concept
uds-r-hardware-r-arm-kernel-maintenance-latest.txt:[infinity] drop dkms headers dependancy: INPROGRESS
uds-r-hardware-r-arm-kernel-maintenance-latest.txt:[leannogasawara] list of final arm flavours for -server for MAAS
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[ivanhu] Expand test coverage for runtime services
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[ivanhu] Expand test coverage for runtime services through standard kernel interfaces
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[ivanhu] Ensure we're restoring variable
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[ivanhu] Implement interaction tests for the above
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[vanhoof] json klog diff tool (low priority)
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[kengyu] chat with cjwatson about FWTS inclusion in cdimages
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[kengyu] find out why vanhoof wants a network stack
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[brendan-donegan] talk to vanhoof about UF integration
ivanhu] dig up details about TXT">uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[ivanhu] dig up details about TXT reserved region bug
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[jk-ozlabs] what does certification mean, with regards to potential FWTS warnings?
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[cking] figger out a way to ensure klog test is in-sync with latest kernel warning/error messages
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[cking] to investigate how the WMI MOF work (low priority)
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[cking] implement the PCC check, discuss internally with our firmware engineers (low priority)
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[alexhung] explore to test the oem-specific platform/x86 drivers, and if we can automate the test
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[cking, kengyu] discuss with Legal Services about the Intel licese (especially the export closure).
uds-r-hardware-r-fwts-features-latest.txt:[kengyu] to explore to improve the -dev scripts.
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw] Investigate what used to be marked EXPERIMENTAL
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw] investigate top sections where inconsitent with policy 3.7
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw] investigate top sections where inconsitent with policy 3.8
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[leannogasawara] re-enable previous build failures
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[leannogasawara] anotate arm build failures
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[leannogasawara] re-evaluate previous disabled build failures around beta milestone
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw] apply adhock annotations/config changes as below: TODO
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[p-pisati] review ARM inconsistencies: TOD
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw] review non-modula-modules 3.7: TODO
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw] review non-modula-modules 3.8: TODO
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[stefan-bader-canonical] investigate if VIRTIO_* is needed for XEN and KVM
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw] add lowlatency to the config review
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw/timg-tpi] investigate module-signing
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw] create a new kind of test type for modular tests which can safely be enabled
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw] RCU_USER_QS_FORCE contact paulmk
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[leannogasawara] sync w/jani for nexus 7 kernel config
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw] resync with upstream efivarfs for Q and R
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[cking] look at using smatch to make things great
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-config-review-latest.txt:[apw] TLB_DEBUG option enabled ??
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-delta-review-latest.txt:[apw] vt handoff
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-delta-review-latest.txt:[apw] asyncrootfs
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-delta-review-latest.txt:[stefan-bader-canonical] review dmraid-45
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-delta-review-latest.txt:[stefan-bader-canonical] 64bit page table patch from quantal to raring
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-delta-review-latest.txt:[leannogasawara] create delta review work items per dev
leannogasawara] mv rc1 dropped.txt">uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-delta-review-latest.txt:[leannogasawara] mv rc1 dropped.txt file
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-version-and-flavors-latest.txt:[p-pisati] to review pulling ti-omap4 into mainline
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-version-and-flavors-latest.txt:[leannogasawara] publicise the final version at kernel freeze
uds-r-hardware-r-kernel-version-and-flavors-latest.txt:[p-pisati] review whether omap3/4 can be made a single flavour
uds-r-hardware-r-ubuntu-drivers-common-and-lbm-latest.txt:* [rtg] to deal with modaliases in the control files
uds-r-hardware-r-ubuntu-drivers-common-and-lbm-latest.txt:* [tseliot] Code to handle the logic when multiple driver versions are available
uds-r-hardware-r-ubuntu-drivers-common-and-lbm-latest.txt:* [tseliot] Add an entry for the default drivers so that users can go back to the default drivers once they've tried lbm
uds-r-kernel-round-table-wednesday-latest.txt:Part 1 is required 'now' and is in progress [apw], part 2 is a fair distance out for now.
uds-r-leadership-mini-summit-latest.txt:[dholbach] Write a blog post (summary).
uds-r-leadership-mini-summit-latest.txt:[popey] Draft proof of concept for choosing how to participate
uds-r-leadership-mini-summit-latest.txt:[dholbach] help getting the draft out to teams, blog, etc.
uds-r-leadership-mini-summit-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Edit the Question2Answer template and ask to get localized version of a Q&A system
uds-r-leadership-mini-summit-latest.txt:[dholbach] add flavour teams to CC checkup schedule
uds-r-leadership-mini-summit-latest.txt:[dholbach] mail CC list about the idea to reach out to regularly teams to check in how they're doing
uds-r-leadership-mini-summit-latest.txt:[itnet7] Check into automating the team reports by way of the LoCo Team Portal, and try and get it implemented.
uds-r-leadership-mini-summit-latest.txt:[dholbach] bring up the idea of creating a mailing list for the broader community (we can use it for announcements)
uds-r-leadership-mini-summit-latest.txt:[czajkowksi] mail all councils/boards who can approve members to notify the CC about new members
uds-r-leadership-mini-summit-latest.txt:[jpickett] review and send suggestion to CC
uds-r-leadership-mini-summit-latest.txt:[knome] work on a proof-of-concept for a simple website for sending and gathering team reports easily
uds-r-lego-cuusoo-community-building-and-co-creation-with-consumers-latest.txt:The [community members who submit ideas] at Lego Cuusoo are not doing it for the money, they're doing it for the community recognition and respect of their peers
uds-r-nexus7-qa-latest.txt:[achiang] retype all this into the wiki and clean it up: TODO
uds-r-python-3-porting-workshop-latest.txt:[barryw] package tox and get in debian & ubuntu
uds-r-python-3-porting-workshop-latest.txt:[barryw] review this pad and clean up references/"?"
uds-r-python-3-porting-workshop-latest.txt:[doko] promote use of PEP384 use upstream (first in distutils/distriubute/setuptools)i
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[nskaggs] Review QATeam wiki documentation and add links to current docs
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] Record screencast about "getting started with autopkgtest"
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] User-test autopkgtest docs
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] clarify in documentation that unit tests belong upstream
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] clarify when tests are run and which infrastructure (network?) ("run whenever they change or when their reverse dependencies change" --> you mean dependencies yes?) - clarify what we don't cover.
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] document - #ubuntu-testing (maybe #ubuntu-quality in the future)
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] document how to pick a test from the list
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] Talk to pitti, seb128 and dpm about getting a list of most-important packages together
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] do graphs for "covered packages" and "number of tests"
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] organise UDW session about automated testing
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] organise UOW session about automated testing
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] Organise three Automated Testing Hackfests (2 at the beginning, 1 in the middle)
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[nskaggs] Organise three Automated Testing Hackfests (2 at the beginning, 1 in the middle)
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[dholbach] set up video hangout schedule
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[nskaggs] Talk about why you would choose autopkg, autopilot, utah, etc. Explain automated testing tools and give summary in the wiki documentation
uds-r-qa-r-automated-testing-community-latest.txt:[scottritchie] Add autopkgtest into the packaging-dev metapackage
uds-r-qa-r-autopilot-in-ue-latest.txt:[mrazik] Create a mailing list for autopilot users: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-autopilot-in-ue-latest.txt:[gema.gomez] To send updates on Platform QA progress: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-autopilot-in-ue-latest.txt:[thomir] To coordinate the documentation of autopilot efforst: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-autopilot-in-ue-latest.txt:[mhall119] Link to autopilot docs on TODO
uds-r-qa-r-autopilot-in-ue-latest.txt:[mhall119] Update (Mirv: link added): TODO
uds-r-qa-r-autopilot-in-ue-latest.txt:[fginther] Work with pwlars in figuring out how to test ubiquity with autopilot (please keep nskaggs in the loop on work): TODO
uds-r-qa-r-autopilot-in-ue-latest.txt:[mmrazik] Help define the autopilot reviewers group: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[mpt] Why are the QA Dashboard, the QA Weather Report, and the Defects Dashboard three different things? That would make it less likely that people would know about the ones that would help them.
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Add Kernel-SRU API: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Add Bootspeed view: DONE
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Add Bootspeed API: DONE
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Add Upgrade view: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Add Upgrade API: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Add flattened Smoke view that lists each image and build in a single view: DONE
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[gema.gomez] Get Joe access to the production dashboard to monitor/kick off cron jobs:
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[chrisjohnston] Need to look into caching on the server, to speed up the loading of the main page: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[gema.gomez] to discuss with Ursula and Brian about the bug gravitation report: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[larry-e-works] Take ownership of the machine so that we can update results on demand: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[gema.gomez] Talk to Martin and Thomi about how to interpret output from autopilot + utah runs and pass it to the dashboard: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-dashboard-latest.txt:[pwlars] To provide a list of sources of testing information that may be relevant to an image so that we can discuss how to present it in a meaningful way: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-gnome-upstream-testing-latest.txt: - [pitti] run your program and check that it does not crash
uds-r-qa-r-gnome-upstream-testing-latest.txt: - [pitti] run your program and iterate through all menu items / buttons
uds-r-qa-r-gnome-upstream-testing-latest.txt:- [desrt] iterate through GActionGroup on the session D-BUS
uds-r-qa-r-gnome-upstream-testing-latest.txt:- [desrt] get gcov macros into gnome-common
uds-r-qa-r-gnome-upstream-testing-latest.txt:- [pitti/jibel] announce jhbuild @ jenkins.ubuntu to d-d-l@
uds-r-qa-r-hexr-latest.txt:[nskaggs] Talk to mhall119 about creating skunkworks for hexr
uds-r-qa-r-hexr-latest.txt:[schwuk] Stand-up new public hexr system for community
uds-r-qa-r-hexr-latest.txt:[schwuk] Move over to using checkbox for submissions
uds-r-qa-r-hexr-latest.txt:[schwuk] Open source hexr
uds-r-qa-r-hexr-latest.txt:[schwuk] Speak with checkbox team to add options to submit to HEXR
uds-r-qa-r-hexr-latest.txt:[schwuk] Provide linking and contact information for machine owner
uds-r-qa-r-hexr-latest.txt:[schwuk] Provide API call to provide machine information
uds-r-qa-r-reliable-crossplatform-ui-testing-latest.txt:[mrazik] to create a team of autopilot reviewers:
uds-r-qa-r-reliable-crossplatform-ui-testing-latest.txt:[gema.gomez] Add a new BP for unity testability:
uds-r-qa-r-reliable-crossplatform-ui-testing-latest.txt:[thomir] to publish the autopilot documentation:
uds-r-qa-r-reliable-crossplatform-ui-testing-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Make sure utah works with the autopilot tests:
uds-r-qa-r-reliable-crossplatform-ui-testing-latest.txt:[mrazik] To keep the platform QA team in the loop of the fixes, so that we know what to expect:
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[pwlars] Add a test scenario to the automated testing in Jenkins to address full updated installs with Ubiquity (problems with third party and software update selected), test installers with updates on so that we can catch regressions for alpha3, beta1 and beta2 images (to be added after UTAH migration is complete): TODO
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[pwlars] Look into running some coreutils autopackage tests with utah for smoke testing (autopkgtest: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Look into creating a script to autogenerate the utah control files for coreutils: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[fginther] Investigate a set of unity desktop tests to use for smoke testing (run in < 1 minute) TODO
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[pwlars] Get a list of seeded applications and prioritize the test cases (To be done next cycle, when we actually get to add new test cases): TODO
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[javier.collado] Add the test cases resulting from the previous action to smoke testing during Q: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[pwlars] Do an apt-get update and make sure the network can be reached: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[nskaggs] Make sure that after the changes, the manual testing in the tracker still makes sense: BLOCKED
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[psivaa] Add a preseeded install in a language other than English: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[nskaggs] To make sure that the tests can be run locally for the community to use: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[psivaa] Make sure that some ubiquity tests end up in smoke testing: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Provide provisioning method for VM snapshots: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-smoketesting-latest.txt:[pwlars] Move upgrade testing to UTAH: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-staging-iso-testing-latest.txt:[adconrad] Pre-publish images to a staging area, and work with gema on how to trigger testing
uds-r-qa-r-staging-iso-testing-latest.txt:[adconrad] Pull jenkins results on above smoke-test and then publish (or not) based on results
uds-r-qa-r-staging-iso-testing-latest.txt:[adconrad] Keep the image that doesn't pass $somewhere, so we can debug what broke
uds-r-qa-r-staging-iso-testing-latest.txt:[gema] Discuss and implement potential triggering methods with Adam for the initial publish/no-publish call
uds-r-qa-r-testing-cadence-latest.txt:[nskaggs] Create seperate calendar, listing testing details as we are informed. Each cadence week points to wiki page, with specifics.
uds-r-qa-r-testing-cadence-latest.txt:[nskaggs] Communicate changes to release schedule
uds-r-qa-r-testing-cadence-latest.txt:[nskaggs] Confirm a weeks worth of images remain availible from cadence weeks for debugging
uds-r-qa-r-testing-cadence-latest.txt:[nskaggs] ensure installer has testing focus before beta, to ensure it's in good shape for beta milestone (can't fix bugs past freeze)
uds-r-qa-r-unity-testability-latest.txt:[bregma] Set up a review of the existing bugs and identify candidates for refactoring for unit testing: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-unity-testability-latest.txt:[thomir] Set up a review of the existing bugs and identify candidates for refactoring for unit testing: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-unity-testability-latest.txt:[bregma] rename "make check-headless" to "make check" and make it part of the build process (dh_auto_test)
uds-r-qa-r-unity-testability-latest.txt:[didrocks] run make check during packaging build: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-unity-testability-latest.txt:[bregma] move the current make check tests to the new "make check" and make them NOT depend on X11: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-unity-testability-latest.txt:[bregma] To notify the QA Team (thomir) every time that something is to be rewritten from scratch or heavily rearchitectured so that he can be involved in the architecture: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-unity-testability-latest.txt:[thomir] Check with mhr3 about the lenses: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[rbasak] Provide MAAS scripts to integrate provisioning method: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Work with rbasak to integrate MAAS provisioning: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Integrate rbasak's panda scripts into UTAH: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[larry-e-works] Deploying MAAS in the lab and make it stable for production: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Start using MAAS from UTAH to provision machines: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[rbasak] Provisioning: Investigate ARM server/netboot testing via QEMU-libvirt on x86: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] expose virtual watchdog via libvirt: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] libvirt ARM support: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Enable the client to run the same test suite more than once: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Add support for versioned runlists and control flow (while/for and if), i.e. version, timeout, master runlist level: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[javier.collado] Add support for XUnit output: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Add proper support for testcase types as we currently only support userland: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Move QRT Testing to UTAH: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[hggdh2] Create jenkins jobs to test panda with UTAH: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Improve bootspeed testing graphics (MOVE to dashboard blueprint) : TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[pwlars] Move Upgrade testing to UTAH (move to smoke testing): TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Provisioning: LXC: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Add 'tc_id' as 'fetch_location/testcase' to result output: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[javier.collado] Only allow 'timeout' as an override in TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[pitti] Talk to Max and figure out how to run tests on a desktop session, add a few initial tests: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Fully automating ARM Kernel testing (panda boards): INPROGRESS
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Add snapshotting provisioning to UTAH: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[joetalbott] add support for 'run_as' for build, setup, and cleanup commands at the testsuite and testcase level.: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Add a configuration option for keeping the VM around and not run cleanup on failure of a test case for development: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[javier.collado] Standardize return codes for test failure, error, timeout, missing parameters, bad environment setup: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[javier.collado] Implement autolanding of UTAH MP: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Split the utah package in the agreed fashion: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Add support for quick development methods (i.e. use or dev method on current directory if not provided) : TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[nuclearbob] Complete the config file so that we can read all the options from there: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[joetalbott] Make the runlist a positional argument: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[javier.collado] Create another readthedocs project for dev and add the doc to the utah package: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-utah-latest.txt:[javier.collado] Add a class to UTAH: TODO
uds-r-qa-r-weather-report-latest.txt:[nskaggs] aggregate daily status from jenkins automated tests per image per architecture as a page - red/yellow/green? other? into a prototype.
uds-r-qa-r-weather-report-latest.txt:[nskaggs] broadcast prototype around and call feedback session early in cycle.
uds-r-qa-r-weather-report-latest.txt:[nskaggs] review work from Q cycle, and determine what might be applicable.
uds-r-qa-r-xpresser-planning-latest.txt:[thomir] Invite Chris (cgregan), Chris (chris.gagnon) & Chris (cwayne18) (maybe spineau) to Autopilot Working Group Call.
uds-r-qa-r-xpresser-planning-latest.txt:[cgregan] More example scripts for new users
uds-r-security-r-apparmor-lxc-latest.txt: deny /sys/[^f]*/** wklx,
uds-r-security-r-apparmor-lxc-latest.txt: deny /sys/f[^s]*/** wklx,
uds-r-security-r-apparmor-lxc-latest.txt: deny /sys/fs/[^c]*/** wklx,
uds-r-security-r-apparmor-lxc-latest.txt: deny /sys/fs/c[^g]*/** wklx,
uds-r-security-r-apparmor-lxc-latest.txt: deny /sys/fs/cg[^r]*/** wklx,
uds-r-security-r-app-gsettings-latest.txt:[desrt] write dbus bits for option 3
uds-r-security-r-app-gsettings-latest.txt:[mdeslaur] write apparmor bits for option 3
uds-r-security-r-app-gsettings-latest.txt:[desrt] write a separate gsettings backend that would use an .so file (or update dconf backend to do both)
uds-r-security-r-app-helper-latest.txt:[mterry] file selector
uds-r-security-r-app-helper-latest.txt:[mpt] design for photos selector
uds-r-security-r-app-helper-latest.txt:[mpt] design for contacts selector
uds-r-security-r-app-helper-latest.txt:[security] dbus
uds-r-security-r-app-helper-latest.txt:[security] decide on how to expand the permissions
uds-r-security-r-app-helper-latest.txt:[security+mterry] design of how to make security desicions
uds-r-security-r-app-online-accounts-latest.txt:[] write a security plugin for online accounts
uds-r-security-r-app-online-accounts-latest.txt:[] investigate how to protect the accounts db (ie, the settings. maybe dbus api, maybe only allows read-only access to the accounts db via apparmor, maybe use the hash. first iteration, ro?)
uds-r-security-r-app-online-accounts-latest.txt:[] write generic authentication helper/library for prompting the user to allow access to some resource
uds-r-security-r-app-online-accounts-latest.txt:[jdstrand] ensure that desktop files don't specify the interpreter (AppDevUploadProcess)
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[jdstrand] unattended upgrades charm
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[clint-fewbar] formally document juju/charms security process (maybe look at SecurityTeam/UpdateProcedures
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[jdstrand] review process and review the security notices page
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[charmers] some sort of command for 'are there upgrades available for this charm' (over the charms in an environment)
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[jdstrand] discuss charm proof additons
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[jdstrand] get information to the juju team on how to use AppArmor
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[jdstrand] demo charm for moin
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[security] demo charm for backend/infrastracture one (rabbitmq maybe)
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[security] maybe demo charm for samba?
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[security] look at apache non-prefork
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[] recover ssh key handling from bitrot, attach it to a bug lp:~jimbaker/juju/ssh-known_hosts;;
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[security] comment on bug for ssh key handling
uds-r-security-r-juju-charms-latest.txt:[] push high entropy seed from client as part of cloud-init medata
uds-r-serverandcloud-r-charmstore-freshness-latest.txt: * [jorge] Add criteria for things supported in main. Specifcially detail where a charm (by default) pulls its package from.
uds-r-serverandcloud-r-charmstore-freshness-latest.txt: * [bkerensa] open bug for tags to track [1072653]
uds-r-serverandcloud-r-charmstore-freshness-latest.txt: * [jorge] Test removal policy by removing alice-irc from the store.
uds-r-serverandcloud-r-charmstore-freshness-latest.txt: * [clint-fewbar] Version information in config.yaml, make that policy.
uds-r-serverandcloud-r-charmstore-freshness-latest.txt: * [clint-fewbar] Implement debian/watch for charms, determine if this should live in jenkins instead (just fail a test if you're out of date).
uds-r-serverandcloud-r-charmstore-freshness-latest.txt: * [clint-fewbar] file juju bug - upgrade-charm must take the same config.yaml as deploy
uds-r-serverandcloud-r-charmstore-freshness-latest.txt: * [clint-fewbar] document best practice with regard to versions and defaults in config.yaml (materialized vs. lazy-load)
uds-r-servercloud-r-binfmtns-latest.txt:[cjwatson] write a formal userspace rationale for binfmt namespace
uds-r-servercloud-r-binfmtns-latest.txt:[stefan-bader-canonical] consider implementing binfmt namespace
uds-r-servercloud-r-binfmtns-latest.txt:[serge-hallyn] talk to stefan-bader-canonical about possible ns implementation
uds-r-servercloud-r-binfmtns-latest.txt:[serge-hallyn] add check to qemu-user-static postinst to not install 32/64 cross handlers
uds-r-servercloud-r-binfmtns-latest.txt:[] consider querying about a -o newinstance mount option to binfmt_misc filesystem (problem is how to tie that to task doing exec)
uds-r-servercloud-r-ceph-latest.txt:[] test upgrade paths from 12.10 with upstart and init scripts: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-ceph-latest.txt:[] upstream support for XFS in ceph-disk-*: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-ceph-latest.txt:[] review upstream patches for mod_fastcgi: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-ceph-latest.txt:[] review ceph RADOS with mod_fcgid: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-ceph-latest.txt:[] write dep8 tests for ceph: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-ceph-latest.txt:[] identify use-cases for ceph performance scenarios: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-ceph-latest.txt:[] backport argonaut to precise-folsom cloud archive: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-ceph-latest.txt:[] multi-node ceph testing in the lab: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] add charm Charm Quality qualatative assesment rating to the charms in the Charm Browser
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[marcoceppi] include provider testing status in the charm browser
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] list charms that are curently failing in a given provider
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] include download stats from the charm store
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] have a link to "ask ubuntu" which passes appropriate tags onto Ask Ubuntu
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] add login via ubuntu SSO
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] SEO Optimization for current release charms (google search for juju wordpress charm)
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] series linking from charm details
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] qualitative assement on charm display, + on listing, (stretch) sorting
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] user ratings
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] define rubric/catalog of tags
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] update charm proof to be tag aware
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] upstream discussion of tags
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] charmworld to have tag based display
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] pull testing artifacts
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] download stats recorded
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] most popular downloads by series
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] twitter feed on homepage
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] handover to twitter account to jorge
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] login via ubuntu sso [enablement for quality assessment forms]
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] tracking average review time on charmers review queue, avg time in the queue. for trending direction analysis
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] charm revisions from store displayed more prominently.
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] check if we can make '.' a valid character in charms and also 'juju' and 'ubuntu'
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] charm proof rewrite
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] beautiful error pages
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] breadcrumb links on tools 404
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] hooks in breadcrumbs 404
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] symlinks more relevant
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] tab the user interface for a charm
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] jorge fixes readme for markdown display
uds-r-servercloud-r-charmworld-latest.txt:[] time travel on revisions, ie what store revision existing at a given point in time
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudarchive-latest.txt:[] canary testing of cloud-archive pockets with 12.04 on a daily basis: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudarchive-latest.txt:[adam_g] make version reporting part of the official cloud-archive toolset: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudarchive-latest.txt:[] release folsom in the cloud-archive: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudarchive-latest.txt:[] bug reporting apport stuff for cloud-archive to ensure bugs get to the right location: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudarchive-latest.txt:[] communication on what combinations of openstack and ubuntu are actually supported: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudarchive-latest.txt:[] sru process for updates into the cloud archive post review: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudarchive-latest.txt:[] archive opening process: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudarchive-latest.txt:[soren] table review at TB to make cloud-archive an official part of Ubuntu: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudtesting-latest.txt:[utlemming] move to 3 week release cadence, cadence, cadence for cloud-images: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudtesting-latest.txt:[hggdh] Help get cloud-image and kernel QA cadence cycle integrated: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudtesting-latest.txt:[utlemming] Further investigation of -proposed vs -updates testing: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudtesting-latest.txt:[utlemming] extend utah for launching of cloud-images: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudtesting-latest.txt:[mahmoh] help identify/write test use-cases for cloud-images: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[utlemming] Determine if udev is intentionally overwriting symlink and understand why (file a bug): TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[smoser] Document using overlayfs to do a rescue: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[utlemming/smoser] add tar.gz raw sparse disk images
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[fallenpegauis] Package CloudFront/Route 53 (AWS misc tools)
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[fallenpegasus] Investigate Nova Client HP volumes; patch upstream
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[utlemming/smoser/med] update existing tooling
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[general cloud users] help update packages
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[] HP Cloud (volume attachment? )
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[smoser] add cloud-localds to
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[utlemming] Google Compute
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[utlemming] Amazon AWS, Cloud cli meta-package
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[utlemming] udev vif cloud-init helper for EC2 additional vifs; invesitate for OpenStack
uds-r-servercloud-r-cloudystuff-latest.txt:[smoser] review packages inside the image prune cruft
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-appserver-support-latest.txt:[jorge] Add App-By-Config and App-By-Subordinate to charm quality
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-appserver-support-latest.txt:[clint-fewbar] Highlight examples of both approaches
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-appserver-support-latest.txt:[brunogirin] evaluate/improve django (working with existing maintainer)
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-appserver-support-latest.txt:[jcastro] sync up with dev to evaluate/improve node.js (working with existing maintainer)
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-appserver-support-latest.txt:[] evaluate/improve rails (working with existing maintainer)
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-appserver-support-latest.txt:[marcoceppi] Contact and work with PHP app devs
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-appserver-support-latest.txt:[brunogirin] JBOSS
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Layout shared within environment
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Manual Layout (with automatic components)
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Nicer staging site url
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Deploy story (charm - has prereqs, etc.)
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Charm upgrade
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Custom charms/local charms (also, new services from existing local charms)
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Indicate on service config when value is different then default
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Webapplication desktop integration
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Discoverable ux? (re: longclick)
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Read-only view
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Staging mode with commit?
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Concurrent editing (with command line, auto-scaling, etc)?
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] import/export
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Logging
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Staging on a more consumable url
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Public mailing list (weekly retrospectives, dev notes)
uds-r-servercloud-r-juju-gui-latest.txt:[] Hangouts on air?
uds-r-servercloud-r-kdump-tool-latest.txt:[caribou] - kdump-tools needs to be MIR / file a bug: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-kdump-tool-latest.txt:[smb] - discuss linuxcrashdump changes on ubuntu-devel / ubuntu-kernel: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-kdump-tool-latest.txt:[smb] - linuxcrashdump changed to install kdump-tool (after discussion): BLOCKED
uds-r-servercloud-r-kdump-tool-latest.txt:[arges] - write better documentation for kdump-tool: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-kdump-tool-latest.txt:[dannf] - validate/invalidate with kdump-tools / mkdumpfile on ARM: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-kdump-tool-latest.txt:[caribou] - Integrate netdump support: POSTPONED
uds-r-servercloud-r-kdump-tool-latest.txt:[med] - netdump charm to aggregate dumps in a cloud: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [serge] send user namespace delta to kernel-team
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [serge] send syslog ns description to kernel team
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [stgraber] fix lxc-ls (using api)
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [serge] lxc-create or template option to specify userns mapping
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [serge] add config options for loglevel and output file
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [serge] drop lxccontainer.log default logging in api
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [serge] lxc-create: set a default log level and log file in /var/log/lxc/$container
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [serge] lxc.audodev - push lxc and mountall patch; make work wtih user namespace; exploit in templates
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [serge] find what is broken in ubuntu containers in userns, fix (break this up)
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [serge] add config option for RLIMIT_NPROC in userns container (if userns is not set, option invalid ?)
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [stgraber] add (not container) to upstart jobs which just fail
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [stgraber] write tool to pass devices into a container
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [stgraber] separate package for templates
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [] have lxc-create record name of template used in the container config (for debugging)
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [stgraber] support templates outside of $templatedir
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [stgraber[] investigate what is needed to support containers outside of /var/lib/lxc - needed for unprivileged-user owned containers
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [serge] test apparmor profile stacking; see if anything needed.
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [serge] test attach support in userns kernel; shout if anything missing.
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [] investigate/use fuse-based tool to filter /proc/{cpuinfo,meminfo,etc}
uds-r-servercloud-r-lxc-latest.txt: [] investigate: does dnsmasq save mac->ip? (IOW, reboots keep things working?), container's hostname could be used instead of the mac address in the dhcp request => dnsmasq will give the same IP address (dhclient.conf : send host-name "container_hostname")
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt: - [maas-team] Off-line operation (Install from a local mirror)
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt: - [maas-team] User provided commissioning scripts
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt: - [andreserl] Support for Additional power devices. (fence_cdu)
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt: - [maas-team] Per-node preseeds (user locations) (bug 1073324)
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt: - [maas-team] Specific kernel/initrd's (bug 1073460)
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt: - [smoser] Fast path installer.
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt: - [maas-team] Kernel command lines.
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt:[maas-team] backport django 1.4 GenericIpAddressField to 1.3 for 12.04
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt:[maas-team] finish 12.10-stabilization bugs
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt:[andreserl] release 12.10-stabilization package SRU
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt:[rbasak] define supported release combination matrix
uds-r-servercloud-r-maas-next-steps-latest.txt:[andreserl] Work out how to do official SRU for 12.04 - talk to SRU team
uds-r-servercloud-r-midonet-deps-latest.txt:[] discovery around quantum integration and horizontal scale-out: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-midonet-deps-latest.txt:[] packaging of midonet-openstack plugin: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-midonet-deps-latest.txt:[] release line-up of midonet/plugin with openstack and Ubuntu: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-midonet-deps-latest.txt:[] charm support for midonet: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-midonet-deps-latest.txt:[] review for inclusion in partner: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-mysql-latest.txt:[SpamapS] Package percona cluster server for Debian and Ubuntu: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-mysql-latest.txt:[SpamapS] Resolve delta between ubuntu and debian: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-mysql-latest.txt:[nryeng] Investigate packaging mysql cluster for Debian/Ubuntu: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-mysql-latest.txt:[clint-fewbar] Talk with nryeng about juju charm improvements: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-grizzly-latest.txt:*[mikalstill] NRPE Plugins Package: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-grizzly-latest.txt:*[] Determine if ceilometer gets MIR'd: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-grizzly-latest.txt:*[] Convert ubuntu CI lab to cutover to Openstack++ when we start planning to test: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-grizzly-latest.txt:*[] Failed missing in Glance: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-grizzly-latest.txt:*[] Remove nova-volume in Grizzly: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-grizzly-latest.txt:[ivoks] Test quantum on ARM: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-ha-latest.txt:[] develop juju charms for HA: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-ha-latest.txt:[] determine timescales for active/active support for rabbitmq in kombu: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-ha-latest.txt:[] test active/active rabbitmq in openstack: BLOCKED
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-ha-latest.txt:[] test ceph rbd as backing store for mysql cluster: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-ha-latest.txt:[] test and fix nova-compute node evac: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-juju-charms-latest.txt: [jamespage] quantum
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-juju-charms-latest.txt: [] Investigate SSL support for all API servers via Keystone (or new Juju features)
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-juju-charms-latest.txt: [] HAproxy relations for all charms that can use it (nova-c-c, cinder-api, keystone, horizon, swift-proxy, ceilometer)
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-juju-charms-latest.txt: [spamaps] HA option for mysql
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-juju-charms-latest.txt: [] Track progress of Kombu patches for active-active rabbit queues
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-juju-charms-latest.txt: [] nova-compute: configure for live migration among peers
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-juju-charms-latest.txt: [] swift <-> keystone integration
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-juju-charms-latest.txt: [] incorporate replica schema into existing swift charm
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-juju-charms-latest.txt: [] ceilometer charm
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-packaging-latest.txt:[] Open master packaging branches
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-packaging-latest.txt:[] Investigate git build package alternative to bzr branches vs. Src+Packaging combined branches
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-packaging-latest.txt:[zulcss] Ensure all existing compute packages function
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-packaging-latest.txt:[adam_g] Get rid of patches that touch horizon core
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-packaging-latest.txt:[] Follow up on node.js MIR decision, determine alternative to shipping compressed JS/CSS if no MIR
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-packaging-latest.txt:[] start-stop-daemon everywhere
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-packaging-latest.txt:[] Ensure proper documenation of vnc console setup
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[adam_g] Implement automated upgrade testing: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[adam_g] Investigate Grenade tests:, decouple, reuse and expand: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[adam_g] Finish pre-commit testing: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[zulcss] Implement multi-database testing: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[] Integrate ceph into Openstack CI: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[] Charm quantum, integrate into openstack charms: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[] Integrate quantum into Openstack CI: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[] Integrate swift into Openstack CI: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[adam_g] Integrate cinder into Openstack CI: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[] Charm ceilometer: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[] Integrate ceilometer into Openstack CI: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[james-page] Document testing reference architectures: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[zulcss] setup auto-pkg tests for testing outside of package build process: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[] review where to get packages and associated documenation: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[] openstack qa ci switchover as part of ubuntu/openstack development release opening - document: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-qa-latest.txt:[adam_g] expand juju testing to cover
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-sru-latest.txt:[] cinder MRE
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-sru-latest.txt:[] quantum MRE
uds-r-servercloud-r-openstack-sru-latest.txt:[adam_g] Draft SRU release schedule aligned with upstream point releases:
uds-r-servercloud-r-roundtable-latest.txt:* [Daviey] love MAAS
uds-r-servercloud-r-roundtable-latest.txt:* [rbasak] /set -x
uds-r-servercloud-r-roundtable-latest.txt:*[utlemming] HECKLING: DONE
uds-r-servercloud-r-seeded-qa-workflow-latest.txt:[hggdh] identify documentation and comparison of test approachs for use in Ubuntu: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-vmbuilder-latest.txt:[louis-bouchard] document use of cloud images in kvm in the server guide
uds-r-servercloud-r-vmbuilder-latest.txt:[] package oz (see links below)
uds-r-servercloud-r-vmbuilder-latest.txt:[utlemming] update for cloud-localds
uds-r-servercloud-r-vmbuilder-latest.txt:[rbasak] write wrapper for "launch me an image" for libvirt
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[] identify specific advantages of nginx over apache: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[] review security track record of nginx: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[] speak with upstream re main inclusion appetite: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[] prepare MIR for nginx (depends on above): BLOCKED
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[] evaluate nodejs core in supported seed: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[] confirm npm not suitable for inclusion: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[] prepare MIR for nodejs: BLOCKED
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[] evalute mongodb for supported seed: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[] confirm upstream appetite: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[] hook up with go juju team with dependency on mongodb: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[] prepare MIR for mongodb: BLOCKED
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[ivoks] determine if there is value in including in main: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-webscale-latest.txt:[ivoks] prepare MIR for varnish: BLOCKED
uds-r-servercloud-r-xcp-latest.txt:[] Write a HOWTO guide for installing XCP-XAPI packages (even better an admin guide): TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-xcp-latest.txt:[] John Garbutt: fixup openstack integration with XCP in ubuntu: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-xcp-latest.txt:[] juju provider for XCP + code XAPI code examples in Python: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-xcp-latest.txt:[mike-mcclurg] Mike: look into qcow to vhd conversion (probably virtualbox) TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-xcp-latest.txt:[mike-mcclurg] Mike talk to James Page about PPU rights to required packages: TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-xen-latest.txt:[lars-kurth] sort contributions pie chart by percentage - TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-xen-latest.txt:[] GWD: Link to slides that were shown - TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-xen-latest.txt:[] Get pvgrub working on Ubuntu - TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-xen-latest.txt:[] Ian and Adam discuss grub2 booting Xen first
uds-r-servercloud-r-xen-latest.txt:[] Convert startup scripts to upstart (nice-to-have) - TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-xen-latest.txt:[] Upstream getty for PV console (hvc0) - TODO
uds-r-servercloud-r-xen-latest.txt:[] 4.2 is target for Raring - DONE
uds-r-servercloud-r-xen-latest.txt:[] MaaS for installing Xen - TODO
uds-r-summit-discussions-latest.txt:[joseeantonior] Add a Launchpad Blueprint icon to list viewviews
uds-r-summit-discussions-latest.txt:[chrisjohnston] Look into twitter API change [bug #1073632]
uds-r-summit-discussions-latest.txt:[daker] Make the meeting page more mobile accessible
uds-r-summit-discussions-latest.txt:[chrisjohnston] Move the My Schedule link somewhere more visible
uds-r-summit-discussions-latest.txt:[mhall119] Enable audit logging of schedule data
uds-r-summit-discussions-latest.txt:[chrisjohnston] See if superceded BPs are removed from the temp export
uds-r-summit-discussions-latest.txt:[mhall119] Meet with Jono and/or Rick about more flexible slot scheduling
uds-r-summit-discussions-latest.txt:[mhall119] Add logged in attendee in a ContextProcessor
uds-r-ubuntu-app-development-roundtable-latest.txt: * [dmj_nova] There might also be a short of spot review to see what the apps are using networking for.
uds-r-ubuntu-app-development-roundtable-latest.txt:[xranby] Collect Ubuntu-specific Java documentation for the app developer site: TODO
uds-r-ubuntu-app-development-roundtable-latest.txt:[xranby] Add recommendation for API that you can use for hardware acceleration on both desktop and mobile deployment: TODO
uds-r-ubuntu-app-development-roundtable-latest.txt:[xranby] Scout for gobject java integration to connect javadoc to unity ( TODO
uds-r-ubuntu-app-development-roundtable-latest.txt:[dpm] Escalate bug #1006880 with the Consumer Apps team: TODO
uds-r-ubuntu-app-development-roundtable-latest.txt:[dpm] Ensure Askubuntu is made more prominent on the community section on d.u.c: TODO
uds-r-ubuntu-app-development-roundtable-latest.txt:[scottritchie] Write a pkgme backend for Wine applications: TODO
uds-r-ubuntu-app-development-roundtable-latest.txt:[jjohansen] Provide the security team's security review checklist (including automated tools): TODO
uds-r-ubuntu-app-development-roundtable-latest.txt:[dpm] Finish the d.u.c article on how to promote your app
uds-r-ubuntu-online-accounts-integration-latest.txt:Launchpad bug 1056209 in gnome-control-center-signon (Ubuntu) "empty accounts lines displayed (account-plugin-jabber not installed)" [Low,Triaged]
uds-r-ubuntu-online-accounts-integration-latest.txt:[mardy] Client API Keys: IN PROGRESS